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  1. Yes, thanks for the thread. I've been having this problem for a while, and it's worse on MP servers. I would get regular freezes of up to 4-5 seconds as frequently as every 30 seconds, but always at least every few minutes. Excluding DCS from Malwarebytes (and my other AV software) solved it. I think it was worse on MP servers because it was both polling active programs and trying to do real-time protection on the MP connection. Anyway, SOOO happy to have my smooth DCS back again.
  2. Well...it says to rename them in the instructions included in the download. And I assumed, since many people talking about this mod talk about how it will take a long time to rebuild the shaders for each map, which is why you should start a mission, that they are recreated somewhere. If not in a new \dcs folder, then I don't know where. And, since my second try included an empty \dcs folder, which never had any files put in it, it doesn't seem to be there. And I'm pretty sure the game never starting a mission is not normal. So, without saying more than you did, you're not really be
  3. Hello. Thanks for all the work on these. I installed by making a backup of my /bazar folder and overwriting. Then I renamed the various metacache\dcs folders to \dcs.old. I also deleted the files in the Saved Games\DCS\metashaders2 and\fxo folders. When I ran DCS, it seemed to have worked, since there was the corners missing. But when I ran an instant mission on the Caucasus map, it got stuck for over half and hour and never created a new \dcs folder in Mods\terrains\Caucasus\misc\metacache. I tried it without VR enabled and could load in fine. Then I created a copy of the \dcs.old fol
  4. I guess this plane never became available for those who bought Su-27 as standalone?
  5. So, I bought the MiG-15 a long time ago (when it came out) but haven't ever flown it. Finally decided to give it a try. I did the four training missions and the first SP mission (escort). In every one of these missions (except the cold start mission, of course), as soon as the mission starts, the engine dies. The fuel lever is set to off at the start of the mission. I have to call the ground crew and start manually if it's on the ground, and do an air restart if it's in the air. Kind of a pain. On the SP mission, the planes I'm supposed to escort never leave the base area, and the
  6. I've just started flying the MiG, and am a bit rusty on the F-86, but both put more of a smile on my face than any other DCS modules. I'd like to join in the fun if I'm not too green for this crowd. Certainly can't be squadron leader, but am happy to fly the MiG and serve as cannon fodder. :-) I might even manage a lucky kill or two.
  7. There's a button to silence it, if you don't like listening to it.
  8. You guys are amateurs... I’ve got every module except the C-101 and the Hornet (and the Hawk, which I’m really glad I never bought), all the maps (and assets) and about half the campaigns, and I’ve never even really flown DCS much! THAT'S a sickness! Had most of those for quite a while, since I first bought the A-10C when it was new. Kept thinking I’d learn to fly it and bought the rest whenever they were on sale, thinking I’ll get into DCS “soon.” I bought the pre-release of the Tomcat a few weeks ago. At least I’m flying DCS now. Started with the FC3 aircraft about a year ago
  9. Just a heads up. The new version, that I just installed, is detected as ransomware by Malwarebytes premium. I suspect it's not (and it's working fine after I excluded it).
  10. On all the other large forums I visit, I can set up a custom stream that selects only certain sub-forums to display new posts since my last visit. That way I don’t have to wade through tens of pages of threads I have no interest in to see activity in the sub-forums I am interested in. It’s sort of like an advanced search where you select only the sub-forums you’re interested in to show threads/posts since your last visit with our any particular search term. I try to keep up, but I just don’t have that much time in my day to wade through 20+ pages of threads to find info on stuff that m
  11. Are there some other hours besides GMT hours?
  12. PM me and I'll send you my button map for the TWCS for the F-15. It will show you how I set up the throttle and stick for that plane. In general, try to set up the same buttons for as many planes as possible. Things like the airbrake and chaff and flares and gear and flaps, etc, will be useful for all planes, FC3 and full clickable cockpits. It's nice not to have to remember different assignments for those basics.
  13. Thanks for the input, guys. It's helpful. I do fly Xplane a lot as well (and am a RL pilot). So it's tempting for that reason also. I do have Voice Attack installed and bought Vaicom Pro, but haven't really used them. I had forgotten about that option. A gaming keyboard is not a bad idea either. I didn't know about activating the mouse. So, if I go to Best Buy and demo the Rift, will the stuff they use to demo it there (games I'm sure) give me a sense of how it works?
  14. I can’t say about VR specifically, but I don’t think the T16000 has enough buttons without a HOTAS throttle for any of the FC3 aircraft. That’s my experience at least. There’s an awful lot that needs to go on buttons or you’ll spend a lot of time on the keyboard. If you can remember all the keyboard commands, it’s doable without VR.
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