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  1. Only thing I'd add to this is that both the 7.62mm and the 12.7mm guns are Gatling guns, meaning you get a .50 cal that shoots at ridiculous rates of fire.
  2. Why get hyped for these unannounced modules when you've got this to drool over???
  3. As much as I want to see it I am aware multicrew for the Mi-8 is not currently in development as the Mi-24 takes precedent. However, based on experiences from the UH-1, I am going to address the following in the hopes the same mistakes will not be made whenever the Mi-8 gets multi crew (which it truly deserves). With the UH-1s current multicrew you are unable to swap seats after slotting into an aircraft in multiplayer, this means the right seat pilot can not swap into the left seat, even if he has no multi-crewed players with him. This is no major issue in the Huey as all essentia
  4. This is a no brainer, the more easy to use functions we have the better!
  5. The Viggen update we did not request, but certainly the Viggen update we deserve. Love it!
  6. Repairing my DCS seems to have fixed the issue, so it must have been a client side error. Thanks anyways for the swift reply!
  7. It should be up-to-date as it is Multiplayer mission running on the newest DCS version, I'll run a DCS repair and report back with the results.
  8. Hey Team, First of all, great work on the module recently, I've been thoroughly enjoying it lately using it for counter insurgency esque missions. I have seemingly ran into an issue after the last Open Beta update however, the weapon pylons on the C101CC appear to be missing when loading up the aircraft, leading to floating bombs. I have added two (sloppily cut) screenshots for reference. I am unsure whether this is a me thong or not, but thanks in advance anyways!
  9. Anyone interested in doing fictional liveries? Just curious.
  10. Hey team, First of all, amazing work on the cat! I have been very pleased with the product so far but have unfortunately run into a multiplayer syncing issue between the Pilot and RIO when the RIO has to disconnect and returns later. Here is the scenario: RIO and I take off with bomb load to attack a ground target. RIO has to disconnect to fix an FPS issue, JESTER takes over. RIO returns to the cat, JESTER leaves. RIO is unable to manipulate any of the radar / LANTIRN controls and waypoint edits do not sync with the pilot. RIO can not see the LANTIRN pod hanging outside the cat anymo
  11. My bad then bud, I must admit I did not go through tonight's discussion before making my post, but wrote it knowing how these things usually go. And we sure all want the same thing, I am glad we will be having it within the next thirty days!
  12. Just remember that the sour and negative ones are way more likely to post on topics like this than the positive /eagerly waiting ones. Just because some people are screaming all kinds of things on topics like these doesn't mean the whole community is like them :^).
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