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  1. This tool can be used for G940?
  2. Hi! i have a FFB2.But i am using win7 64bit,this tool can adjust the feedback force when using win7 64? when i flew Ka50,i found i was unable to trim the FFB2 precisely.
  3. Can we use some weapon to attack ground target?:megalol:
  4. 现在重装也不行 用了置顶帖的文件也还是update报错啊
  5. 那人家制作的地形插件在哪里下载?
  6. 更新至最新后 其他机型都正常 就是米格21 一进去只显示地图 不知道怎么搞的 重装 修复也不行
  7. How to get to know the best time to drop LGB just like A10C ?:(
  8. 毫无ps基础 只会玩window的画图....:cry:dcs2.0里那个ctrl+enter 方向舵 摇杆量不显示 是bug不?
  9. 台湾地区幻影2000的涂装有不?
  10. How to use smoke when my plane carries other weapons? I am always using l39za.When i carried other weapons,i tried to arm the smoke pod into the engine.I pressed the Trigger,other weapons might be launched.
  11. How to use smoke?I cant find any button about it.
  12. 未经官方授权就进行翻译 官方会不会追究责任?
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