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  1. I know you understand what i am trying to do because you and your team are also creating things for this community with passion , its also amazing like you said to see your creation alive and getting better,i never saw my self where i am today might be a simple mod at this point but i will change that with time,also good luck to you and your team on your WW2 projects they are amazing.:thumbup:
  2. YEs all the missiles that i will include with the pak fa weapons pack are upgraded versions of the R-73,R-77 and R-37 only used for the pak fa and Su-35,look it up the real pak fa is getting them as well.
  3. (RVV-BD R-37)LOng range Missile upgraded from the R-33 to fit the more advance role of the real PAk Fa,the other two missiles are upgraded versions of the r-73 and r-77 for the pak fa, the real pak fa is having upgraded versions of the r- 73,77 and 37,so i am coding that in a missile pack for the pak fa project.:book:
  4. Pak Fa gets new Missiles MOdels. i will be giving you guys new Missiles Models to go with the Pak Fa project, 3 new missile Models they are all based on the more advance variants and all Have the display scheme!! i will add none commercial skins later on,the pak fa is a prototype at this moment and i think this missile scheme fits it best for testing its weapons and such,i will also work on the specs on each missile giving the pak fa a weapons mod file to go with it,First Missile to come with the next Update would be the R-33 variant the RVV-BD also known as the R-37 which is just an upgraded version. RVV-BD R-37 RVV-MD R-73 RVV-SD R-77
  5. Thanks man but its simple this is my passion,glad you like what i a doing so far.
  6. you need to pay attention on the earlier posts, i know its not r-37 and i said it,its a mod that i found and i made it better and i am painting the missile skin to represent the new R-37 untill i add the New R-37 model.:doh:
  7. R-37 Performance Preview. Cubanace and hes wingman TEsting the R-37 At really long Ranges, you guys get to see the Skin under progress and how far it can reach,god bless you all and happy flying,i will add this missile in the next update.:D:thumbup::smartass:
  8. The Pak Fa Project in eagle dynamics Download Section. you can all find the latest "Pak Fa Project "in our User made files under downloads,Enjoy and happy flying.:D:joystick::thumbup: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2539621/
  9. R-37 Skin. Some Progress on the R-37 Skin,next is the Decals.
  10. We will be getting Long Range R-37 Missiles in the next Update,i found an old mod of the R-33 and R-37,due to the fact that the R-33 does not fire unless you make it a mod and give it life, i went and changed the Specs a bit more to fit that of the real R-37 , so i went and also started painting the Missile to look like an R-37 paint scheme here is the work done so far i still need to paint the Fins and add the Decal,untill i get the new R-37 model,oh and the R-37 works like a Charm.:D
  11. GREat!!!! looking forward to this,keep em coming.:thumbup:
  12. If i am not mistaken the " how to section is to ask how to do stuff correct? So how is that spamming? And my section is to showcase the progress of my project,read the rules and then think twice before posting something stupid and another thing i already seen those links thank you,they do not explain in detail how to set up the Cockpit Visibility track that is why i ask for a how to do video to see if someone is willing to help explain,i ask a lot because there's alot i do not know and a lot that those guides did not have,so i went and ask in the "HOW TO SECTION"
  13. post a screenshot of your problem to see what your problem is.
  14. Surething!!,il do that starting on the next one.
  15. I would like to create strobe and landing lights aswell as cockpit lighting fpr my Pak Fa Project anyone here would care some tips as to how to start? And thank you .
  16. NEW UPDATE READY. BIg Update ready, "Special Note "Go head and Delete the other Pak Fa mod Completely(folder and all) and just drop in this new one, This update Includes. #1 Reworked the Test Skin some more. #2 Added Canopy Animation(open and closing) inside Cockpit. #3 Worked on the Radar Some more You can now detect at long ranges "But" the missiles cant fire from that far away. #4 Added New Information to the Hud Like (Both Engines RPM and a Vertical Indicator both made in 3DXMAX both still WIP. #5 Added RWR in Left MFD WIP. #6 Added Detail to the IRST Flaming Cliff 3 is needed to run the Pak Fa Project. Installation Instruction. Just Drop into your DCS WORLD/MODS/AIRCRAFT FOLDER. Pak Fa Project Ver 1.5.6 3/31/17 12:31 pm. JUst Drop it into dcs world/mods/Aircraft folder. DOWNLOAD LINK... https://www.dropbox.com/…/q13too…/AACr9YtfB9UhamdX2pxmlf96a…
  17. PAK FA CUSTOM HUD. Here's my Custom Hud for the Pak Fa it is still WIP i made it in 3dx max i also did the RWR Better,on the Left side of the Hud we got both Engines RPM and on the RIght we got the Vertical Indicator,Enjoy..:D
  18. I have no clue as to how to code the hud with LAU at this moment,so i am doing things that i can for now to get ideas and to see what the Args do and to what extent.
  19. It happens for all of us,untill i fix the arg 114.
  20. CUstom Hud on the Works. Pak Fa would not be a Pak Fa with out a custom Hud,nothing is impossible when you put your ideas to it,i whent and created a simple Icon to the Hud for us to have vertical speed and Engine RPM indicators in the heads up display like the real Pak Fa Hud does,here are a few pictures of the work done so far,il post a video soon both of the RWR and New Custom Hud Working.
  21. I have done all that i been told it just wont work dont know why,il try again today.
  22. i still haven't fixed that,that is happening because i havent done the visbillity track Arg 114,havent learned that part yet,i will fix that as soon as i figure out how to do that.
  23. Vertical Speed Indicator Wip. Vertical Speed indicator Added(WIP),next is the bank angle and engines RPM in MFD.:D:joystick:
  24. MFDs about to come to life as well. I Figured out a way to get the Digital Mfds to come to life and display engine rpm and vertical altitude indicator work same goes for bank angle ex, il post the Video of the vertical indicator first coming in a few minutes.:thumbup:
  25. RWR Preview WIP. Credits go to (cdpkobra) For Helping me out achieve this . This is Still really early Development of the RWR as well for i need to texture the background and make the Pak Fa Icon to go with the RWR. It not complete but it gives us some information also the RWR is not in the correct place when finished it will be in the HHD..:book::D:pilotfly:
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