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  1. Because it shows someone that 4 years ago knew nothing in regards DCS modding and because I have a strong will to finish what I started. :thumbup:
  2. We have made our first NDA to protect our SU-57 Project Development. Keep in mind this is just one of many NDAs and Permits that we will acquire to properly Simulate the SU-57, Again it will take time and money I already invested more than 2k on camera gear alone, we are photo scanning and laser scanning the aircraft in order to get proper dimensions. I am by no means a 3rd party,at this point we are only gathering all needed documentation and research in order to continue our work and meet our Goal.
  3. Progress news Hello DCS Community its been a while and for a good reason, Please welcome "Maayan Zadikoff" to the Team She is our Licensing and research agent, Also David "David Moratilla" a great 3d modeler . We would like to show you guys New paint schemes and the New 3d models of both external and some weapons,there is alot still being made,he keeps making new 3d models and materials for the SU-57. In my case i am working with the EFM and Systems and the overall of adding the SU-57 to DCS. These RENDERS are made to show case the PBR and Paint schemes and to show the detail of the new model enjoy. "NOTE" New Cockpit will be shown Progress of its new 3d modeling soon.
  4. Updated to a new ED plug in and now i get error exporting. Well after updating the ED plug in to the latest one, my SU-57 model wont export without giving me application error upon exporting to edm,has anyone ran into this? my 3ds max version is 2017 and latest ED plug in 164510. prior to updating the plugin everything was perfect,not anymore.
  5. cubanace

    MIG-23 UB

    Just busy with a full time job and the creation of the high fidelity SU-57 at the moment,more MIG-23UB will come in time.
  6. Hello SU-57 Pilots... Little news update on behalf my current goals for my SU-57 Updates have slow down alot on my behalf due to a new full time job on my part also the SU-57 is now in a whole new complete level in terms of realism and im looking forward on sharing my new work with you guys in the coming months. Learning C++ has been a huge challange on my part but was the only way to make whats coming new,remember i am still alone making the SU-57 and will remain that way due to security reasons,i do apreciate all those who help with Art,skins work and its the only thing that i can accept as help. So again i thank all those who have helped in the past and continue doing so, as for the SU-57 its a complete new beast in terms of coding so keep in mind that FC3 will not be needed on the next build coming next. I am extremly happy on how things are shaping up and realise how important this project is in my life. Also the S-70 drone is almost ready and i got a suprise working,you guys can have the S-70 fly alongside the SU-57 and also i made a recon script where you guys can take pictures of the target area and so on the script runs with a screenshot tool so its easy to take pictures and look at them later. The Aircraft carrier is also almost done along with all new weapon coding and modeling. This should add more fun to the project and im looking forward in providing a great experience for you guys. Best regards: CubanAce.
  7. X-47B Another addition to the Asset pack being made. X-47B 3d modeling progress.
  8. HURRICANE DARIAN UPDATE.. Coming straight to my location,il be backing up all files today. 12:01 update Cat 4 at landfall.
  9. This is due to Materials,usually in regards lights . Delete the light materials on your model and you will notice that it will export fine,usually happens with some EDM exporters no idea why.
  10. S-70 hunter drone update. Hello gents...:D Here is 3D progress of the S-70 drone,i model the rear section based on new pictures of the Hunter drone found on 2019 maks airshow model. And also for the American side i started 3d modeling a X-47B Drone.
  11. The latest build has the Bay doors open at speeds from 300 to 400,its a animation script based on speed,The EFM version will be totally different as it will have its own systems.
  12. cubanace

    MIG-23 UB

    Urbi has done an amazing job painting the new skins for the MIG-23UB but just like he said we are not proffesionals And still learning i also landed a full time job and im busy. I will address What you Mention But it will take time The paintkit will be released Shortly. Best regards: Cubanace
  13. cubanace

    MIG-23 UB

    Hello and i am glad You like the mod, If you want to help you can do so by reporting bugs.
  14. cubanace

    MIG-23 UB

    Do you have the latest version Of the MIGr23UB? Also what DCS version are you running ? Open beta or stable? Here is the latest build https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y9w2x11nzk5hxq/MiG-23UB.7z?dl=0 Best regards: CubanAce.
  15. Yes Avionics determine what systems are being used,like radar and so on.
  16. MOre progress Spice Fierro 338 Race Car Progress. Wireframe
  17. Used Pictures as reference could not find a blue print for this Pod.
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