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  1. I am aware of all changes in terms of the production model, Nose,wings,fuselage,tails,canopy stealth coating layers ect, All that will be worked on.
  2. It will be added as an asset to the SU-57 public Mod.
  3. More to come in regards coding,modeling and making CubanAce Simulations a business in order to deal with Sukhoi, I will let you all know in the coming weeks when I acquire my business permit. Below is a quick shot of the Sidebay doors still Wip.
  4. Cockpit 3D Modeling thanks to videos and pictures, Example below of 3d modeling the ventilation pipes and frame.
  5. Yes, dials,buttons,mfds,stick and throttle all Clickable.
  6. Cockpit Modeling... Started 3d modeling the Ventilation pipes and rear frame section of the Cockpit. Here is WIP of the Rear Section of the cockpit.
  7. 3d model Hello Again here is more Improvements. I take seriously what the DCS community asks, after many test pilots reporting that the pilot model was to big and that the IRST 3d model was off well tonight i fixed it, here is how its looking so far, thanks again for your support guys,keep asking and we will improve this together.
  8. Project News Hello DCS Community I am Working extremely hard in order to Bring you guys one of a kind experience in regards the new SU-57 EFM+ASM Build for DCS World, This includes : Multirole Radar: Air to ground and Air to Air Radar Modes. weapons used by the SU-57,A/A and A/G, Animated Weapons Bay Doors, Animated gun port, EFM Flight Model, FM digital computer (Fadec), Dircm Defense Suite, Navigation, Thrust Vectoring: both manually or in combination with the Fadec System. Project Module being developed with C++ and Lua in mind in order to meet DCS Standards a
  9. I use Visual Studio for coding systems and Flight model in C++ and Notepad++ for Lua for quick Scripting.
  10. Here is some Clips on how the EFM is coming along, Please be patient there is alot of research and study on my part And I will take my time to make this happen,everything you see is work in progress. Ground Handing realism movements. High angle Alpha maneuver and maintaining control.
  11. Hello DCS Community, I gladly will show Progress of my Next Build project Of the SU-57 Felon,it has taken me a extreme amount of time to learn 3d modeling, coding C++ and LUA and DCS overall in order to improve my work and continue doing what i love best. Soon we will have our Standalone SU-57 so please be patent. Below are some screenshots of the new Project Core and improvements in 3d modeling and more.
  12. Great landing i am glad you had fun.
  13. Under Main aircraft Lua there are values for RCS and how much heat signature .
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