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  1. NO, NO, NO and NO. Please read first. It has nothing to do with the mode the missile is fired in, but the missile API itself.
  2. Works well until you face the AIM-54, which is the only Fox 3 not affected. In the JF-17 you are down to heaters. This really is a major issue and I guess it is also present in the stable version, due to them being equal at the time.
  3. It is automatic. Per maunal, with the switch in RPT, the jammer will only start transmitting when a threat is detected. I guess this is where the problem arises, as threats are not detected properly leading to the blinking behaviour. Anyway apart from the blinking Tomcat, problems are amplified as all missiles using the AMRAAM API, for example the SD-10, currently experience a bug where they will be forced to HOJ when a target is jamming. More info here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/258449-chk-sd-10-cant-track-jamming-target-at-all-multiplayer-only/?tab=comments#comment-4540453
  4. Ooooof... Well it is news on the Yak-52. Not really what I expected though.
  5. MiG-21bis natürlich. Leider steht sie in der DCS Welt mangels richtigem GCI und generell mangels Inhalt, Server etc. aus diesem Zeitraum etwas alleine da und ich bin kein riesen Freund davon mir die Missionen selbst basteln zu müssen. Die F-14 habe ich mit VAICOM wieder lieb gewonnen und im Gegensatz zur 21, findet man damit eigentlich immer irgendwas zu tun. Generell war ich schon immer Tomcat Fan, auch wenn ich Top Gun nicht viel abgewinnen kann. Und dann ist da noch die JF-17. Eigentlich finde ich das Flugzeug unverschämt hässlich und kennen tut man es auch nicht. De
  6. Well the JF-17 does it, but that is between JF-17s only.
  7. I beg to differ on that part. In a scenario where you face more than one bandit, you will want to have your TWS working, which it does not in case of one or more bandits jamming. Just encountered this situation in the JF-17 against two F-14, both with their jammer on. To explain the original problem in DCS, jamming is really very simple made. The emitting aircraft has a simple jammer on/off flag. Nothing more is modelled on that site. It is up to the jammed module of what is done with that information. In the case of the F-14/16/18 the answer is: NOTHING. All other radar equipped a
  8. Now that would explain the problems we had with the SD-10 last week. I will try and contribute when at home.
  9. Thats exactly how I understand that diagram, however the text, which I cannot read, seems to say otherwise.
  10. Eigentlich ging es in den News zum Großteil immer nur um Wolken, mal abgesehen davon ist realistisches Wetter in Flugsimulationen jetzt auch nichts neues. In DCS halt schon.
  11. Es sind halt einfach nur Wolken Da wird mir momentan ein bisschen viel Wirbel drum gemacht.
  12. Nope, für mich ist wie seit Wochen im Newsletter nichts dabei. Wenn man auf rote Jets steht, schaut man bezüglich der wöchentlichen News seit langem in die Röhre.
  13. Now I stand corrected that the take off flap position is indeed 25° for all MiG-21 versions with the SPS and it does indeed seem to cut out the afterburner when in landing configuration. I wonder why the flight manual does not mention any of this. Could get really nasty in case of a go around.
  14. And how on earth shall that happen? Its an RWR, not a crystal ball.
  15. The developers have already communicated the RWR precision in either their manual, or video. Short: It is far from perfect. Thus I expect the other modules getting it wrong, not this one. By the way, if you want to report this as a bug, which it likely isn't, rather than have a discussion about your flying, maybe try posting in the bug report section next time.
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