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  1. Fwiw: I noticed that the switch can be flipped even if the cover is still closed, but it does not change the flight behaviour. Only if the cover is actually open and you flip the switch, the aircraft reacts accordingly (aka insta-kill / self-destruct switch at mach 1 ... ;o)


    Haha yea ... good simulation for practicing Ejection procedures when you want it to look like as if you got hot by a missile xD

  2. That red means that there are duplicate assignations.

    Clear the assignation and assign another key combination.

    That should clear it.


    I tried that didn't work


    I even cleaned the whole control section and there we no controls there what so ever and it was still in red text even after I restarted the game/PC

  3. Other then few control Issues the experience I've had in this plane and my flight time may be short but It's really awesome, worth every penny even if it's this early in release.


    Pure joy to fly : )

  4. From Wikipedia:




    Definitely not this case. I am also not very happy with the flight model, both with or without FBW. Nothing to compare to the A-10C or Mig-21.


    Well, lesson learnt. Next time I wait for a post-release sale.


    Lets not start "It's Beta/No Beta" fight here and lets quietly help Devs by reporting the issues we encounter Okay?

  5. I'm not sure if this is intended or not but I'm gonna state some things that I've noticed today during some testing with JTAC


    1st - The VHF volume nobs will always be set to the minimum position but they will act as you turned them to the max volume.


    2nd - If you touch the volume nob you then have to increase the volume by turning it clockwise otherwise if it's set to minimum volume you won't even get the message in the chat

    (So if you don't touch the volume nob you're gonna be just fine)


    3rd - JTAC will only respond to the flight lead (1-1 ...)

    For example if you have 4 planes in 1 group like 4 ship of A-10C's it will only respond to the first one

    (Dodge 1-1 for example)

    It won't respond to 1-2, 1-3 nor 1-4


    I'm not sure if this is exactly bug or not or if it's intended to be this way, I'm gonna leave this here so It's known

  6. Current DCS World 1.5 Terran looks ...


    On the day of the 1.5 Release I really enjoyed the new Mustang Texture pack like you see in this picture




    It's really beautiful ...


    But as of late I've noticed that I can't recreate that kind of setting no more in 1.5, It's like we got the old 1.2 textures back with a crappy patch of snow everywhere instead of the previous imagine


    As you can see in the following image




    Me and couple of my friends tried changing Graphics/Mission Weather settings but we couldn't replicate the first image


    I'm not sure when did changed to be frank maybe in one of the latest patches and It's been bugging me lately


    Anyone know the reason this changed?

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