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  1. No, you can't "Easily" turn it off and on because you have to restart the game every time. Also, Love how Viacom kinda screwed every com keybinding for all my planes lol. Either way took me a while to get it back to normal and completely removed it (hopefully, Looks like I'm gonna have to repair the game from the discussion above) and basically not using it at all anymore because it's pointless ... Overall huge waste of time. I've sent an email for a refund will see if they even reply, if not I'll see what else I can do.
  2. Ye, I didn't even think there might be an issue like this, I've researched quite a bit before buying but I've missed this part ; /
  3. It's not about "realism" or "ImMeRsIoN" It's about backward capability ... If the software had to do this "hack" and it's a software limitation then it should be stated before being able to purchase the damn thing ...
  4. Daisy-chaining my profile with Viacom profile was the first thing I did ... As for why I would need both it's because I do not want to remember every single possible way of saying stuff to my RIO. And sometimes I'm unable to speak for every little thing I need Jester to do. VIACOM is cool specific "ease of use" case for few stuff that would really help in way of doing things in the F-14. But if it disables the normal Jester wheel just by being "enabled" then it's completely useless to me and waste of money. Like how on earth do I tell jester now to lock specific target in RWS for example?? From what I can tell ... It's not possible ... I can already imagine patches where heatblur adds new options and I have to wait for Viacom to update their stuff lol ... Why make your setup dependent on someone else? Either way ... after some extra research, it appears that I can't have AIRIO extension running and have jester wheel setup at the same time so this entire VIACOM thing is pointless to me and waste of money. Sesh what a waste of the entire day ... for nothing ... Are refunds possible and do I just need to e-mail "info@vaicompro.com" in that case?
  5. Hi, sry if this has been asked many times before, I've did a search of the thread and I've found no real answers. I've bought the ViacomPro today and after spending almost the entire day of watching videos and learning what it is and how to use it and how to set it up. The primary reason why I got it was talking to Jester, don't really care for other stuff. So ... as I went to try it out I noticed none of my old stuff worked that I had set up via VA, thought it was funny then went to try to open the Jester Wheel and it's not working. Few google searches and some Ctrl + F through manual and I see the following: https://i.imgur.com/qwHp3T0.png ... Why wasn't this mentioned in like notes somewhere before you can buy this? *Cough Cough*: https://i.imgur.com/d97W9CN.png This makes this entire thing pointless to me ... I thought it would be really cool addition to what I already have but no ... Is there any way to have the ability to use Jester Wheel + AIRIO at the same time? If not then this entire thing is pointless to me ...
  6. ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/kipgtbkulqwxyab/F-16_Pitch.trk?dl=0 (Had to do it via dropbox because forum attachment limit is 5 MB ...) Okay, here you go, Instant Free flight F-16 mission. Only thing I had to do was move the throttle from idle to max and vice versa. Problem: F-16 does not adjust pitch to maintain level flight during acceleration or de-acceleration. I remember Mirage having this issue during early development and was quickly fixed after they learned what FBW is supposed to do.
  7. That first contact that shows on the TID has no velocity vector and if you move the radar scan volume from the target it that contact will drop after 3 sec (Track not built) If you hold your scan volume on the target for 2 seconds the track will be built and it will have a velocity vector and it will take 14 seconds to drop it.
  8. Relax - F-14 Pilot Request to be on the same team as: Skyscraper - F-14 Pilot Deadpool - F-14 RIO
  9. Ye ... about that ... Don't get your hopes up ... (Specifically: )
  10. I remember doing this long time ago and breaking IC, I might have done something wrong back then. I'll try again. It will probably work since you mentioned it works for you.
  11. I know I used to be able to lean back on my chair and get right up to the actual seat of the ingame cockpit. (Meaning I had more freedom to move forward and back in the cockpit) Now I can't, limits have been changed you can't lean back at all anymore. I feel like my face is glued to the hud now. Why make this change? What was wrong with the old limits from the old cockpit
  12. Then don't buy the F-14... Even in the real thing it had bunch of buttons and switches that had no function since they never got the upgrade of the IRST. Ofc this is simulated in game.
  13. That has nothing to do with the problem OP mentioned.
  14. Does anyone know any guides that explain how to convert your normal mods that replace game files with mods that you can use in your Saved Games directory? Tired of ovgme. I want to put all my mods in Saved games so I don't have to disable/reenable all my mods all the time. Like you do with Cockpit Mods and other mods etc ... Saw there was a guide once at a glance year or so ago and can't find it anymore.
  15. Does anyone know if the dual-rack Iglas will be mounted as a 3rd pylon (Below countermeasures) like it's stated on some information I've read or will they be forced to put instead of Vikhrs? If they're replacing Vikhers then it's kinda pointless: / Example of possible Ka-50 loadouts
  16. Hmm, repaired DCS and that seemed to have fixed it. It still doesn't have animations of the buttons tho.
  17. I've bound the UFC buttons on my Numpad but when I press them they don't do anything. Anyone else noticed similar issue?
  18. I know all of that, however, I can't do that while I'm flying in the air and I have a friend that found a potential target to destroy. EDIT: One more thing to report. If you make multiple PP-points and try and suing CORD mode in 802-AKG you can only use PP1 (Dest 36) You can't switch between the different PP's
  19. I noticed that Route points are not getting updated if you copy-paste them from waypoints or markpoints as well. Copying Waypoint or mark point to PP 36-39 get updated and work just fine however.
  20. When I put my HUD as SOI in A-G Master mode and attempt to slew the diamond around to find a target via the analog stick it can't be used to move the diamond to the left or down. It always goes either to the right or up. It's also very janky. When I use TDC keybinds on a hat switch it works with little issues but accuracy is left something to be desired. Also gonna add this here so I'm not making another post ... In regards to slewing Targeting Pod with an analog stick, it can really be janky sometimes, it does work and you can do it with little to no issues but ... I don't know it's not really great so to say, it lags behind sometimes and sometimes it skyrockets and depending on how much you move the analog stick ... (It's not a smooth motion like other modules)
  21. I have noticed if I'm using the man in the loop missile and slew it around when the view is zoomed in (Narrow) it won't turn left and it has a really hard time moving in some cases. Once I put it back to the Wide view, I can slew it with no issues. Easy to reproduce. Launch a CM-802AKG and once in terminal guidance view Zoom in with the MFD button and try to slew the missile with an analog stick in the left/right direction. Tried with TDC dead zone 0.2 and 0 (Currently using 0) and also tried with the slewing rate of 1.0 and now using 0.5. The same thing happens.
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