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  1. Anyone ever had this issue?




    I didn't really have any issues until like maybe 1-2 days ago when it suddenly started spamming this issue with the chatter command.



    How does one fix this?

  2. Sorry if this has been asked before but is there a way I can delete all the "F-14 keywords from the Viacom Database"?
    I don't have AIRIO activated.


    I want to remove the unnecessary commands in the databse since they are just in the way.


    Also is there another Viacom discord invite link since the one mentioned above doesn't appear to be valid?

  3. Put some more deadzone on your analog stick for slewing.


    If you have the JHMC on and selected and you slew analog switch can "Twitch" from the center it will move it to where you're looking, so put some more deadzone on your slew stick.

    Try moving your TGP while looking around with helmet mounted system and move the Slew stick, you'll see what I mean.


    Or make anything else other then your JHMC as SOI when you're going for attack

  4. And again, the FLCS cannot be programmed for a desktop controller because a desktop controller can do different things depending on the make, model and even stick to stick. You like evoking Mover, as him if the controls he has used for DCS are anything like what he has used in the real jet. So no, its just like a WWII bird, the stick in a P-47 doesn't move like that of one on your desk, so you will get some variation, even though the FM is programmed to interact like a real P-47 stick, anything short of that will have variations that will throw off your comparison.


    You are not flying a real F-16, you are flying as close as we can to it, we cannot control what flight stick, gamepad or keyboard you use. We cannot account for that, there are no documents that allow us to program an FM to match all those variables, again, like a WWII aircraft, the FM expects the exact same controls as is in the real thing, its why we try to add things like control freezing, etc.


    So what do we need to purchase to have the most believable and correctly simulated experience if our controllers are not up to par to work with DCS: F-16?

  5. I don't get all this micromanaging Jester. When one of my RIOs fly with me they handle radar, weapons and engagement. They just tell me where to point the nose. Only time I get involved is within a 20nm engagement. And the same goes when I RIO for them. The workload is split for a reason.


    When I fly alone I'm going to shoot the closest target on my radar. And I have never been in an engagement where the F-14s did not shoot first. Waiting for a dissimilar A/C to shoot 120s so you can pick-off the wingman with a Phoenix seems like you are placing yourself at a tactical disadvantage.



    Filling up the Jester Wheel with every conceivable RIO function defeats the purpose of having a AI RIO in the first place. Not to mention having to navigate the wheel. Which is then inevitably followed by requests for keybinds. Sounds like all of you wanted a full fidelity F-15 with a F-14 skin on it.


    If you want to take it to level where you cherry pick your targets as an ability then why not invest in getting a human back there. The servers I fly on have people from all walks of life, schedules and situations, some even playing on laptops, with playstation controllers or crappy internet, but they make it work.



    There are so many other things that can be added and fixed.


    And where did you conceive this idea that Jester is a RIO?

  6. It works like before. If airio is not enabled in ex tab or vaicom not working it is accessible by the button. For some reason I am not able to use backup wheel though. It does not show up when i say "jester options" command.


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    So then I'm guessing the ability to access the Jester menu via button will never be implemented because of the "Limitation" so to speak and have to depend on these workaround solutions?


    And same problem here

  7. Hi guys


    Plugin 2.5.22 with AIRIO 2.5.9 is out! This includes P-47 support, various fixes, and for AIRIO backup access to the Jester wheel with the Options command ("Jester,.. Options").




    I've read through the manual and does this mean that we can't access jester wheel via the button like we usually can without viacom but we need to say "Jester, Options"?


    For it to appear and then navigate through the menu with voice?

  8. Hey guys ... Could someone help me out?


    I searched through the thread and didn't really find answer to my problem.


    I'm trying to move my mods I'm using with OvGME to saved games so I don't have to enable/disable them and to share few mods easier with people.


    For this specific example, I have a mod that adds keybinds to the F-14 let's say ...

    If I wanted to move that mod so it's in the Saved games dir how would I make the file structure?


    Is there any documentation that explains how the file structure works in saved games dir?

    I've looked at some other mods and how they did it and it makes no sense to me.


    For example, in this case, the mod I'm using with the OvGME has file structure as follows:




    Under ...\Input\ ... There is




    Is it possible to modify existing Modules via Saved games or must I really go with editing core files?

  9. So ... Will, there be an option to have Working Jester wheel in the future or is it gonna stay on "Wish list" forever?

    If it's a software limitation how did it work before as some people said and how can it be in the wishlist if it's really a software limitation?


    I just like a confirmation since my refund attempts have failed and I'm never gonna use this plugin, rather use Voice attack instead if jester wheel stays disabled while using it, so I would rather give it away to someone who would use it ...

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