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  1. First Post updated with download link HERE
  2. Yes i can confirm we are looking to implement a basic weapon system.
  3. Same problem for us at Frecce Tricolori Virtuali, we had to rollback since it was almost unplayable.
  4. ***NEW VERSION v1.03P *** DOWNLOAD HERE Hello, from the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali We are a group of friends that love aerobatics flight and would like to emulate the Frecce Tricolori in particular. Our goal is to participate to virtual airshows like VFAT and Virtual Burning Lake with the frecce tricolori's display. Unfortunately on DCS there was not a good enough MB339 for our purposes, so we decided to develop it ourselves, as we did on IL2 1946, mainly for internal use, but given the numerous requests from the virtual flight community, it was decided to release our work to all lovers o
  5. We haven't set up a schedule yet.
  6. Hello! Virtual Al Fursan is searching pilots for the upcoming aerobatic season. Some of the requirements are: -Good understanding of English -Minimum Age 18 -A day or two available per week for training -Resides in Europe, Middle East. -Possibly with experience/Basic formation skills If you are interested you can reply below here or contact directly at our FB Page HERE
  7. In the September 6th Q&A video Wags talked about a new 'AI Aerobatic Scripting System', is this function out yet or i missed something? -Jagg
  8. Looking great! :thumbup:
  9. Oh, thank you :thumbup:
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