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  1. glad I came across this thread, thought I was going crazy after coming back to the m2000 after a long hiatus
  2. I feel like there was a lot of hype and buildup... and then poof, no one cares, no one talks about it. Did the final hardware just not live up to expectations or is the price the problem?
  3. To my American brothers and sisters who have ordered their HOTAS already, approximately how much did you pay for shipping?
  4. Hey Winwing! According to Jabbers' video, you guys were planning to reduce the HOTAS price back down to $799 for a limited time. Is that still the plan? If so, when? Thanks for your time.
  5. maybe a stupid question but does this require NTTR?
  6. did a bit more digging, looks like all the modules have user campaigns available. Are there good user campaigns for f5e that don't require nttr?
  7. so to get a campaign for this I have the buy the NTTR terrain module (which goes for 50 normally), plus another 10 for the campaign itself. So 60 bucks on top of the module itself. That's ridiculous. Glad I read this thread before dropping cash on the module. I was this close since it's on sale for a couple more days.
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