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  1. Heatblur did an amazing job on F-14. Especially in area of the 3D modeling and texturing, both cockpit and externals set a new level of benchmark for others yet to reach. Sounds are also nothing short of exceptional and add up a lot to how direct the the flight controls are perceived. F-14 is not my favorite plane in reality but currently it's my favorite module in DCS. It just feels extremely immersive and alive. I would be ready to pay even some crazy price if HB would do the Tornado.
  2. I'm not even sure why I'm doing that but..... ED does have a tradition... of modeling things after the real planes.... So, the mirrors you see in the modules are in a place where the real planes have them.... Since the F-16 does not have one, don't expect to get it modeled in the module. Should you miss the mirrors why flying F-16 once it's released in DCS , you're always free to mount a mirror to the frame of your monitor. Don't expect that VIRPIL will release a dedicated mount though. Google some DYI tutorials on YT and arm yourself with a roll of a duct tape. I'm sure you can do wonders.... :thumbsup:
  3. +1 to above though no matter if it's a version with a fixed or gunner operated gun, I just would like to get it. It seems there is a lot of waiting in front of us. Mi-24 just doesn't seems to have any priority right now, its far after F/A-18, F-16 and most even after F-4 which itself doesn't have priority...
  4. This almost sound like the "No one will need more than 637 kB of memory for a personal computer" statement (most probably incorrectly) attributed to Bill Gates. Is 32 GB a must to run DCS - no. Does it help - yes. It allows to heavily increase the pre-load radius setting which on one hand increases the load time when spawned in the cockpit but on the other hand helps a lot with almost removing macro stutter associated with scenery loading, especially when flying high. Is it worth the money - it depends. For those having older CPU's which make the loads more pronounced I would say extending RAM from 16 to 32 GB is worth to consider especially when comparing to price of a new build with new motherboard, CPU and RAM. Those getting new PC's in most cases will get 32 GB anyway.
  5. Generally your expectations are fair. There are however few points to consider. One is the question is if the winter textures had been originally in scope or not. It's fair to ask for something that was advertised to be included but if it hasn't, it's up to the courtesy of the developer - even if others do include it. Another points is that with all do honesty, while we should expect that devs finish their work, the Normandy didn't really storm the DCS. At the same time we can rather assume that the new Syria map will get much more popular. Just look on the number of Normandy MP servers and compare it to number of servers running PG or even Nevada. Like it or not but Ugra seems to be allocating their resources according to a reasonable priority - investing time to develop more anticipated map as well securing new income to their business.
  6. firmek

    Black Shark 3?

    From what I see is that BS 2 was released on November 2011. Every software has it's life cycle. It just unfair and un-polite to demand to get things for free. Or maybe it's only fair to demand from others to work for free? No company could run a business the way that once they release the software they provide free updates till end of the time. BS 2 is still working, its actually a great fun if you jump into it but really don't expect that you get a new features and like some expected a new version (BS 3) for free after 8 years since the release. F/A-18 is still in beta phase, prior the release and under heavy development. Try to measure your expectations as you're comparing two totally different things. This whole demands towards ED for BS 2 free updates is like complaining that Dice isn't dropping new free content for Battlefield 3 anymore... (also released in 2011).
  7. No clue about VR... Best is to play with the values in Server.lua and check if there is any difference.
  8. A bit easier way is to just copy paste the "Mods" folder from the backups to the DCS main. Probably some of us do it anyway to restore the mods after an update. Not that it shouldn't be rather easy to fix ;) Anyway, not a big deal. Great job with F-14 Heatblur. Can't get enough of it :)
  9. So, the F-15 has to some extend has a detailed flight model simulation, avionics not. How does this however still not make it aracish? Considering air-frame - just check how relatively easy it is to push the F-14 over its structural limits and damage it - which contrary is extremely difficult in F-15. Another aspect is the amount of work required to manage systems in F-14 and even in F-18 which on the other hand is so much simplified in F-15. This aspect comes from the simplified avionics - but not only this. Just consider the amount of effort put by HB and ED/BS to simulate the F-14 and F/A-18s radar and compare that to F-15.... I really hope you see the difference. I don't understand why people insist to claim that F-15 is not much more arcadey that the full fidelity modules. If it wouldn't be why the need for all the effort and time devs are putting into making a full fidelity planes? Why real simulators used to teach the pilots have a real cockpits if the systems doesn't matter and hitting a key combination is enough to do a whole procedure? Sorry but the definition of FC modules is that those are simplified (aka more user friendly, less realistic) modules.
  10. I'm sure despite all effort put by the OP to make the question clear and specific as it can only possibly be, this thread will grow at least to 3-5 pages ;)
  11. You're asking how did I find out? It's not really that interesting :) I just wanted to see if I can fix the menu theme as I really liked the music and the fact it was playing only once was really disappointing. I used to mod the theme so I knew where to check the files. I also wanted to check the wallpaper as the one currently included is really distorted in wide screen resolutions. After fixing the music the black screen problem disappeared. Just to confirm I switched the files back - problem was back again. To double check I tested if switching to theme from another modules solves the problem - which did and clearly indicated it's not DCS but F-14 issue. Aside of that the "in" file was locked (in explorer) when the game was freezing on a black screen which indicated it's still in use by the application.
  12. Mods\aircraft\F14\Sounds\EditorMusic "MainMenuIn.ogg" and "MainMenuLoop.ogg" sound files are mixed. When F-14 theme is selected in DCS this results in: 1. menu music playing only once 2. black screen and DCS freeze on exit Replacing files with each other fixes above problems.
  13. Exactly, go to @DSC_Install\Mods\aircraft\F14\Sounds\EditorMusicand and replace "MainMenuIn" and "MainMenuLoop" with each other. Glad that it helped!
  14. Because 99% the issue is caused by the mixed "in" and "loop" sound files - due to which for F-14, the music plays only once. Just switch the files together (by renaming them) - it really solves the problem of black screen on exit. Obviously also solves the issue of music playing once. That's why selecting other "wallpaper" or being more specific a theme (as it also changes the music) in DCS menu also seems to solve the problem. Anyway - just try.
  15. F-14 added. I don't have MiG-19 so view settings for it are missing. SnapViews.lua obviously optional (both files use preset of FOV to 97 deg). Server.lua SnapViews.lua
  16. Yeap :beer:. It's obvious DCS needs another attack/interdiction aircraft:
  17. I'm running DCS with GTX 1070 on 3440x1440 with most of the settings set to high. GPU struggles while being on the ground sometimes with FPS dropping down even to 30 FPS (usually I'm quite creative with populating airbases with static planes and other objects in the mission editor) in F-14 or F/A-18. I would say that 1070 for 3400x1440 is just enough minimum for the current DCS. Up in a sky it's quite ok. In 1080p GTX 1070 should be more than sufficient. For 4K I would think about better GPU or be prepared to accept reduced graphics settings. Upgrading memory size from 16 to 32 GB doesn't seem to influence the FPS but helps for the macro stutter - less frequent landscape loading especially with the increased pre-load radius. With i7 I would check if disabling HyperThreading doesn't improve the FPS. Another important thing quite often missed is playing with the NVidia settings. Try setting Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames to 1 and Multithreading Optimization to On, V-Sync to Off.
  18. firmek


    +1. After seeing the F-14 and because of how iconic Tornado is, the only one team maybe besides ED/Belsimtek that I would love to see developing it is Heatblur,
  19. Same. Black screen on exit. Though I'm not sure if it's F-14 issue. It happens even without starting any mission or even loading a mission editor. Just opening and closing DCS is enough to get the application (and occasionally PC) stuck. I deleted a complete Saved Games\DCS.openbeta folder letting DCS to create a fresh one. EDIT: Switching "MainMenuIn" and "MainMenuLoop" files in Mods\aircraft\F14\Sounds\EditorMusic folder seems to solve both menu music playing once and black screen at exit problems.
  20. At least I hope that community understands its not only about finding a data. Or like some may believe finding a flight manual is enough to program a full fidelity module... It clearly seams that if whichever the authority is that owns the rights to a plane says no, we can forget about having it programmed in DCS - even if all needed materials would be accessible and downloadable from the internet. It's more of an political or copy-right issue. I think we can assume that if a developers are able to get a green light from a company owning rights to the aircraft or whoever has an authority to decide, they cay also get the needed data and materials directly from the source.
  21. This used to always amuse me to some extend but now, I'm coming to a conclusion that manufacturers that put a pictographs like those showing to NOT put pets or any live animals to refrigerators or babies to the back pocket of the baby trolley might not be actually doing anything silly. They must have done their homework right, probably studying cases from forums like this. ED module description pages should really use the experience from pictographs like these: We just need one saying "Early Access Modules" releases on "Beta".
  22. Lies, Lies and once again LIES!. Read the product description. It's clearly written there the release is on Open Beta! EDIT: Screenshot from the module description added :mad:
  23. No, No, No, No, No, No, No!!! Not again, Yet another release and yet another thread about someone complaining that an Early Access Module is Released in Open Beta stream rather than in Stable. Have you been leaving under a rock for the last 10 years?.... And to cut the discussion. Go to the very bottom of the module description. Since it's hasn't been clear for you, maybe this version will be, from: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/tomcat/ :
  24. Probably not but I could imagine Apex Legends at least today and for some time to come not being the most popular title any more :D
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