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  1. I'm not trying to be a smart guy but this is not really any revelation but a common to all 3D programs (not only games) fact about VSync which is known since many years. VSync from a technology perspective is an abomination that comes with a price of tremendous input lag and decrease in performance, including drops to half of monitor refresh rate when GPU can't sustain full rate. If I could point a setting that must always be changed, forcing VSync off in global settings would be the first one. Input has a negative affect on any input device. Not only the mouse movement but al
  2. Fixed in recent update Also with the changes to the auto release procedure and JDAMS, with use of mark points attacking multiple targets in singe pass become really easy.
  3. Great update for the Harrier. There are a few small quirks but overall a major positive :clap_2: I didn't check but are you planning to also update the training missions? Don't overlook that topic as training missions for Harrier are really good. Would be a shame if they become irreverent.
  4. I don't think problem with multiple waypoints not being displayed was addressed in recent update. At least it's not mentioned in the change log. Display of active waypoint seems to be improved and working correctly. I guess it was addressed as a part of
  5. SnapViews.lua store the default FOV. Each module has it's own definition of maximum and minimum FOV. Just to give you examples, also including modules you've listed. "Out of the box" settings for min/default/max fov Hornet: 20, 63, 140 Viper: 20, 63, 140 Harrier: 20, 65, 140 (it is 65 - not a typo) Mirage: 20, 65, 140 Spitfire: 20, 80, 140 A-10C: 20, 73, 140 (also A-10CII) F-14: 30, 85, 140 MIG-21: 30, 90, 150 Uh-1H: 20, 89.777542, 140 Which means not only the default FOV but also min and max are different thus also the center FOV. That's why the Server.lua is used to overwrite
  6. My mistake. Missed F18. It had FOV set to 63, which would mean the view is quite zoomed-in. Updated the SnapViews.lua and re-uploaded both files to avoid confusion. Though it's really a file that is recommended for everyone to set up to match own preferences. (google for DCS snap views). SnapViews.lua Server.lua
  7. As for the missions, change the extension from miz to zip, open find and remove server.lua and snapviews.lua. change back extension to .miz. With MP you have to ask the server admin to do that.
  8. Set your preferred FOV (zoom) and save it with the snap views save function. In practice, disable head tracking, hit num 5 to get default head position, reposition head and change fov your liking, save with RALT + Num 0. I use those files to set consistent default, min and max FOV: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/94674-reworked-cockpit-views-with-proper-neck/page26?t=96116
  9. A-10C II added. FOV set to 100 - edit to match your preferences. Server.lua SnapViews.lua
  10. Mark points work with TPOD, INS and DMT designated locations. Just a hint, markpoints can be created also in A/G mode with MPCD button 19 on EHSD page even though the MK0...9 label is not displayed. Don't get too much hopes for bombing multiple targets with JDAMS in one pass however. After releasing the first bomb, switching to second mark point and holding the WP-increment, HUD is stuck in "No" mode and LAR is not displayed on the EHSD. Target coordinates don't seem to be passed to the second JDAM. At least it seems to be the case when the LARs overlap, or in other words for close target
  11. 1.) Enabling MAPM\SEQ option has no effect. It does not work in SP and in MP, regardless of the map. Changing scale with SCL and ZOOM does not fix the situation. Please see the first four screenshots. 2.) Also the active way-point is not displayed from time to time. It however comes back after selecting another waypoint. 3.) Another problem I've found is that course line is not rendered if different than active way-point is designated. Reproduction steps: - Select WP 2 - Select DESG - Switch to WP 1 - Move the CRS knob - the CRS value on EHSD does not change while delta dis
  12. Please remove the view settings, Server.lua and SnapViews.lua from the mission file. Those override user settings and are quite annoying.
  13. Actually it's quite a poor example. Feature complete usually implies that at all "critical" or "high" importance features are in place. In other words all "must-have" and "should-have" feature are compleated while "could-have" features are still to be done. Using house as an example this would mean that feature complete house is the one ready to move-in, while still some elements are not finished or done at all. In example a fence has to be still build, walkways to be done, even such important thing as an external facade and thermal insulation could be not ready if you're moving in during
  14. P-47D and F-16C added. FOV is set to 100 in the files. Just change the second gCameraViewAngleLimitsvalue in server.lua and run replace for "viewAngle = 100.000000" in snapviews to change it to your preferred one. I was really scratching my head whether I should buy P-47 but I'm really happy I did. It's a great module with a really well done cockpit :thumbup: Edit: Forgot to attach the files :) Server.lua SnapViews.lua
  15. There is obviously nothing wrong in asking for an update. Demanding however from others do give away their work for free should never be considered as a good attitude. Even if they had been generous and had provided a free content in the past.
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