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  1. It was an issue with the MiG-19P only and it is fixed now. Sometimes it will push back the view a little (maybe like 5 meters) when you´re looking just over the right wing, but it is mostly because there are measures in place so you can´t see inside the 3d model. It is no longer as before when it would take the view 50 meters away from the aircraft from both the right and left side.
  2. This issue is fixed for the next update. It took some time because it was a hard one to find.
  3. The aircraft has spoilerons under the wing Also, the aileron damage limit was reworked and is ready for the next update.
  4. - and two confirmed and two probable F-14 kills - and several numbers of (didn´t have the exact number per type right now) F-4s, F-5s, F-16s - it also has claims of F-15 kills
  5. No, you were right, there was something messing with the helmet visor animation and it is fixed already.
  6. Can you show a picture of the pilot hand going through the canopy? thanks
  7. Thanks for letting us know. Apparently there was some mistake made while increasing the limit to 120º/sec. We will check with ED to see what can be done about this.
  8. A lot of things have been changed since those last pictures. Many of the fuselage and wings profiles were not correct, as well as intakes border radius. Canopy placement, shape and size. Correction of the measures of many parts, etc...
  9. The ITR and STR performance of the aircraft is being worked right now. There was a miscommunication issue in the team and a change was made that borked the turn performance of the aircraft. This is being fixed. Cockpit textures were also reworked to delete many black spots in the canopy bow section.
  10. There are a few guidance systems that predate Lazur as well in the Soviet Union, like the Gorizont system. It started to be used in the 50ies about the same time as SAGE was used on F-102/106s. Lazur is much more advanced than SAGE in a lot of parameters and features.
  11. yeah, sorry for no reply, I understand now what you meant. I´ll ask for some changes in that system.
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