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  1. No matter how kind and happy they are I would not want one of them flying a KA-50 as my wingman ;) But point taken and I meant nothing by it. I am running on Vista and am currently not using a phantomscreen. When I position my main screen to the right I dont have to for some reason. When i sat it all up and read the how-to's it just says that you will have a phantomscreen but I've found that I only get a phantomscreen if I have the the mainscreen to the left. But anyways, could someone post the comms tree? Until this is sorted, I mean as long as I know which key says what I dont HAVE to see the menu.
  2. No I've checked the tracks afterwards to make sure and it is the wingmen who hate me ;) And I am using the arcade flight model atm until im used to all the controls and systems and I dont think the rotors can intersect in that flight model.
  3. Hi! I've been following BS since it was announced, checking the site about two-three times a month, waiting and wishing. Then I go for a long ski-holiday in early December and return home now to find the BS has been out for a good while! I was furious and giggling like a child at the same time ;) So I've played it now for a good two days, the first consisting mostly of setting up multi-monitor, updating TrackIR, getting used to the heli's systems and so on. Now the second day has been a blast, started the campaign and it's just awesome. So first I'd like to say a BIG thanks to ED for keeping true to themselves and releasing a finished (well mostly, a lot more finished than 90% of the other PC-games being released), bugfree game. I have had a few small issues though which I thought id see if I could get an answer to. First of all, when I use multi-monitor (Shkval, ABRIS on left monitor) I no longer see the communication menu nor subtitles for the russian spoken during the missions. Anything I can do about that? The second problem I've encountered, actually four times now, is that my wingmen are retards. I could live with them taking stupid decisions like flying over a hotzone and getting shot down but the problem is that they keep crashing into ME. It really isnt funny when you've flown for a good 20-30 minutes to get to a target-area, you're setting yourself up in a good firing position and then you hear something resembling small arms fire hitting your chopper, pause the game, look outside and see that your wingman has chopped your rotorblades off by going straight down on your chopper from above :cry: Wingmen behaviour overall seem very different, in LOMAC they basically just copied your behaviour exactly until you ordered them somewhere else. In BS they are flying all over the place trying to catch up with or slow down to reach you.
  4. Ok i fiddled around a bit more, it looks good on some parts, mountainous areas in particular where you actually see the ground etc. However there has to be some problem when it looks like this when im down on the runway before take off?
  5. Hi! I posted this over on Ubisofts forum but they seem to be a bit underused these days. My problem is that when i set the weather to stormy or overcast/fog all the ground-textures and objects seem to disappear. I cant see anything but gray nothingness when i am under the cloudcover. My computerspecs are as follows: Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Geforce 8800 GTS SB X-Fi PC5300 2GB Flying Flaming Cliffs 1.12b. The game produces these issues no matter what graphic setting i use from my normal maxed settings to the lowest possible. Here are a couple of screenshots of how it looks. Is it possible that it's supposed to look this way? In that case im sort of disappointed :P Oh and by the way, you can see the ground on the last screenshot but i am very close to it, still no buildings etc though.
  6. Posted this on the ubisoft official forums as well but well, the activity on those forums are questionable. Here's my problem anyways: Whenever i fly in stormy weather all the ground and landscape textures disappear. I can see some of the mountains but the rest is just gone. Anyone got a clue why? My specs: Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Geforce 8800 GTS SB X-Fi PC5300 2GB
  7. All right so i ordered the game and ive read some similar posts here but dont understand what to do :) My ID is: TXNISHDB36E2HMZUPF
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