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  1. As I fellow Dutchie I would like to inform you that it is illegal to put a Dutch skin on a Hornet because its the ugliest thing ever
  2. It does not matter what you interpret, they said they expected it to be in first week of May, whether it was announcing the exact date or the pre-order itself. Which means something can and obviously has changed. Then there is usually two kinds of people; the ones that wait for some information or an annoucement and the ones that create threads like this. It's not necessarily wrong to ask but a little patience would probably be good.
  3. I highly suspect this has to do something with the mod you installed. Make sure you have uninstalled it properly.
  4. Dont try to make your problem ED's problem. How can one realistically expect to be able to live with only 500gb SSD? Upgrade your storage.
  5. Okay, not sure what is going on then. 1.3gb seems steep for just the upgrade, so they might have found a way for it to work as standalone when you have bought the upgrade.
  6. Did you buy the A-10C II as stand alone or did you buy the upgrade? That might explain it.
  7. I am not sure what you are asking. The only difference between the AGM-65E and AGM65-E2 (or AGM-65L as it is called on the A-10CII) is the warhead. The E has a heavier warhead then the E2. The guidance and thus usage in the cockpit is the same. Our A-10C II does not have the E, only the E2 (or L).
  8. I do not want to go off topic but I find this a bit of a harsh statement. HB never claimed that Jester was going to kick ass. He is the first of his kind and very workable if you know how to use him. He is never going to replace a human player, but neither will the AI that ED will develop. We have not reached that kind of AI on this planet yet, which is for the better if you ask me. To get back on topic, I would prefer the -D. For me it can't get modern enough. I would prefer a lot of things happening automatic, not because I am lazy but because I really appreciate the technology b
  9. The radio command is there but I dont think it actually does something. You can test to prove it, but looking at the current ATC system including the Supercarrier part, which itself does not have any departure radio traffic modelled, I doubt it does anything else then sounding terrible.
  10. Is anyone else getting annoyed with people that get annoyed due to the lack of updates? Patience is getting more rare in an ever faster world.
  11. The Spring Tension campaign is the orginal campaign included with the module and is rather old. It is well possible that there is a bug in the first mission. Could you elaborate on what exactly is not working properly? I can recommend a Third Party campaign like Oilfield if you are not into combat or the latest The Crew campaign if you want a taste of a proper campaign. In my opinion, particulary the older campaigns, feel more like missions packs rather then campaigns, if you look at what is available today.
  12. This is the only thing I can think of
  13. Check the 'Instant Action' menu. You have to select a mission under the A-10C II tab to load in the new A-10. It is a seperate module. There are definately no campaigns yet that support the A-10C II and I'm not sure about training missions, unable to check at the moment.
  14. They recieved feedback from an SME that this is not a thing in the real aircraft. Its not a bug, its a feature.
  15. Maybe upload a track file and/or log so people can take an in-depth look to whats going on.
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