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    I know you're a SME and I'm not sure if it has any relevance, but Klarsnow, a Mudhen WSO in the Razbam discord mentioned how there is often a mishmash of panels and where they are located in the jet. Here's an excerpt of what he said:
  2. AH-1 is slated for development by Belsimtek / Eagle Dynamics, probably around the time they get to their F-4E module.
  3. Welcome Aboard & Good Luck! Try not to piss off Hoggit. :thumbup:
  4. I mean... Which Phantom Variant? There are like 50+ of them lol.
  5. I dont exactly recall seeing this anywhere on their discord...
  6. Dr.SquirrelBoy12


    Yea I remember seeing that picture months ago, just forgot exactly what it was called. Thanks for the extra info though.
  7. Dr.SquirrelBoy12


    Cool how the F-15D has the new MFD that the F-15C has. First video I've seen of it.
  8. Why not have an A-10C (or other Jet Attack aircraft) fleet supplemented by cheaper Light Attack aircraft?
  9. Dr.SquirrelBoy12


    I am well aware of the AH-1 platform and it's variants. No way we are getting an AH-1Z. The Navy would not allow it, I am pretty sure they wouldn't have allowed the W either but that may be outdated info now, either way I'll probably end up disappointed so I am not going to get my hopes up. AH-64D may be possible, I am pretty sure ED is doing one for TBS if their website isn't just BS. At the very least I expect to eventually get an AH-64A Blk.49A Also I'd take a UH-1Y Venom over anything less than an AH-1W.
  10. Dr.SquirrelBoy12


    I am pretty sure we will get stuck with an S or F. That said I'm pretty much not going to buy it if it is not a modern attack chopper. Good for the Vietnam fans but I'll hold out for an AH-64A or above.
  11. First of all, the A-29 does not use APKWS. They use a Turkish system that effectively works the same way as APKWS. And we've been told they have access to the A-29 simulator. Why would they still be using a 2003 simulator in 2017+? I think it is more likely than not that the A-29 that is going to be modeled will be after 2007.
  12. What other aircraft in DCS World is likely to get GBU-39s and APKWS like Laser Guided Rockets? I give the F-15E a 50% chance of getting SDBs if that. AFAIK the A-29 is set to carry both. Not to mention Laser JDAMs. And I am pretty sure it has a MWS / RWR or at least the provisions for one and same for other fancy features like HMD. It is an aircraft that is still being developed. For the role that it is designed to fill. It will be the most modern combat aircraft in DCS World.
  13. Dr.SquirrelBoy12


    ED is already working on an AH-1, not sure which model as I have heard everything from S to W but ED is working on one already. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1690147&postcount=469
  14. I think I have said this before but the A-29 will likely be the most modern combat aircraft we have in DCS when it is released. This alone makes it worth it imo.
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