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  1. Hornblower, me hearty. If you still have these, I wouldn't mind giving them a crack! Will cover postage too. Just let me know if you still have them. Yours Aye.
  2. Well, at least you know its here in the UK! I want to know how come they charged me £60 and only charged you £54! I must have had the Customs bloke with a grudge. I want to use a Matt Wagner phrase here - Asshats!
  3. Topsy Turner .... This is the nickname you would have in the Royal Navy. Some of your best Oppo's would call you Mark! You would be rubbing shoulders with Smudge Smith, Knocker White, Slinger Wood, Rattler Morgan, Banjo West, Bungy Williams or Edwards, Fez Parker, Buster Brown, Spud Murphy, Buck Rogers, Shep Wolley, Pony More Spud Murphy, Buck Rogers, Shep Wolley, Pony More, Dusty or Windy Miller, Nobby Hall or Clark/e, Daisy May or Adams, Soapy Watson, Swampy Marsh, Sweeny Todd, Stickey Green, Bagsy Baker, Bomber Harris, Bogey Knight, Brigham Young, Bunney Warren, Dolly Gray, Dodger L
  4. You're welcome shipmate. The more people pass on their experience, the less people struggle trying to setup. Hoping fl40 might pop back and let us know what settings he has dialed in for the F14! ETA: If you look here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=175028&page=280 from comment #2790 onward. fl40 suggests a dead zone for the G-Effect (which I will be trying)!
  5. QSL Snake122 - Thank you for the pointer. I have done the right thing.
  6. Roger that f4l0 - My apologies. I got carried away. Fantastic software, and would have no problem paying for it. I have edited my original post to reflect that it isn't payware sir.
  7. Subjective! But it's early days yet. I am not unfamiliar with the SimShaker family. But decided to go for Andre's updated model, the JetSeat. I have played IL2: Cliffs of Dover since 2011 online and off. But the Gametrix and Andre/f4l0 software was not created for this older title. So the model I had was very underused. I recently installed DCS and had previously purchased a fair few aircraft modules / maps. I have pre-ordered the Reverb G2, and am doing away with physical switches, and would like to go full VR. That's the intention anyway. While researching this route, I read that subtl
  8. Ahoy shipmate. Yes. Delivered last Friday. Spent today setting up. It's a lot more comfortable than the older Gametrix. I wouldn't put too much faith in what the tracking is telling you. But I bet you get it this week. A forum member (Topsy Turner) has just received his JetSeat (probably the same day as me) and has started a 'setting it up' thread. Join us once you receive yours.
  9. Topsy. I think you received your jetseat at the same time I did - Friday 24th July? I have exactly the same setup as you. Buttkicker G2 and the Jetseat. You don't need to buy an actual PCI Soundcard. One of these will do (£7.99 from Amazon UK). 1. Sorry the image is so big! 2. Plug the buttkicker in to the green socket (audio out). 3. Windows sees this as "Speakers (USB Audio Device)" select this in the Sound Module Settings for the Dedicated Sound Card. 4. Trawling the internet of snake oil this morning. RL Pilots and the Gametrix manufacturer recommend/suggest turning G-Force Fee
  10. Yeah. Nothing like the firm hand of the Government squeezing ones bollocks. According to the Parcel Farce website, delivery will be tomorrow. It would seem I paid before the next day delivery cut-off. I found my old Buttkicker G2 in the loft last week, so I spent last weekend setting it up. Also paid for the SSFA Sound Module. So I'm hoping the G2 and the Jeseat send me to a happy place. I'm going to have to explain to the kids why they will be dipping out of Christmas again this year. Last year was the SC Carrack. This year it's the WinWing & Jetseat. Sigh.
  11. Cheers shippers. What you have just typed out, was exactly as read on my "tracking". Parcel Farce send you a letter with the bill, and the link to pay! Bloody rip-off.
  12. I received the Customs bill from Parcel Farce about 15 minutes ago. Prepare yourself to pay another £60 in customs charge before they deliver. £60! FFS - A Kings ransom.
  13. Yes. All a bit strange. Here is the info off the Russian package tracking. Is yours still showing at Khimki Customs? I would think that is where Andre's "going foreign" outbounds end up?
  14. I followed the link Andre emails to track the package. I checked this morning and was suprised to see it had actually arrived in the UK. Currently with customs. I will let you know how much the charge is.
  15. Morning shipmate. I ordered it on the 8th July. Andre shipped it on the 9th. Not too bad delivery times, all things considered. Hope you receive yours OK.
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