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  1. Yes, moonlight was working pretty much out-of-the-box.


    I only had little time to test it with DCS but from my first impressions I can only say WOW! This one extra dimension adds so much that's phenomenal. Looking around in the cockpit is just stunning. I was really surprised how the cockpits look like. In 2D that does not really come across.


    Thanks for sharing the idea sniperwolfpk5 :thumbup:


    However, I think the resolution etc. is not quite good enough to play for more than 20-30 minutes. Also I guess "serious" missions might be a little difficult in terms of spotting enemies in the distance and so on.

    So a big "warning" to those who try this. Once you do, there is no way back and eventually you will go for a Vive/Rift. I sure as hell will :music_whistling:


    One more question: During my first tests, I had the problem that the buttons and switches in the cockpit were difficult to click with the mouse. I always had to move the pointer quite a bit to the left of the actual position of the button if I could find right position at all. Is that a known problem or am I missing anything?

    EDIT: Could it be that one has to use the right (not left) screen? Found something like that in the Rift thread. I'll try when I get home.

  2. In video tab there is lense option. As in above post I told you that you can resize, reposition, scale x, y and many other options.


    Yes, I know that Trinus has this option. My question was referring to moonlight itself, which afaik does not have this feature.

    However, good point that Trinus also has an option to use moonlight. I'll try to figure out how that works.

  3. You should try moonlight via usb. FullHD at 60fps is not a problem.


    I am still waiting for my headset so I tried moonlight yesterday with just my plain phone. It looks very promising!

    However, in the stereo mode you get two square images. Don't you need some lense correction as you get it from Trinus?

  4. No pressure in hydraulic system -> no movement.


    Curious as to why this should be... Is it physically impossible to move the controls? That would be quite special for the Mi-8 (e.g. for the Huey it is not true).


    Also, in the manual it says that the very first step in the startup procedure is to ensure that the controls are properly set, e.g. cyclic center, collective down.

    How would that even be possible if one cannot move the cyclic and collective? :joystick:

  5. I've got the same problem. Cyclic, rudder and collective are not moving until the first engine is started. Neither by joystick nor keyboard input. Just checked that this is the case in DCS 1.5 and 2.0.


    Of course, with systems off the input should have no effect. But at least they should move around (like in all other aircrafts).

  6. No, not all are affected.


    Airfields where it is okay seem to be:

    Batumi, Senaki-Kolkhi, Mozdok, Tbilisi-Lochini, Vaziani, Beslan, Sukhumi-Babushara,


    Not okay:

    Kobuleti, Kutaisi, Mineralnye Vody, Nalchik, Anapa-Vityazevo, Krasnodar-Center, Novorossiysk, Krymsk, Maykop-Khanskaya, Gelendzhik, Sochi.Adler, Krasnodar-Pashkovsky, Gudauta

  7. I can also confirm this behaviour for DCS .


    I get it reproducibly on the ground, e.g. simply starting the Instant Action => Cold Start mission and (without prior doing anything) turning the PRMG knob CW from 16 to 17 or CCW from 18 to 17. So it seems only channel 17 is buggy.


    In DCS 2.0.1 it did NOT happen when performing a cold start from Nellis AFB. But I did not test this thoroughly.


    EDIT: I just saw that it should be fixed in the next release!

  8. Nickname: Seaotter

    Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=115026

    Chosen plane type: F86-F

    Country of residence: Germany

    Time: GMT+1

    Language of communication: English or German

    Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them. ( WILCO when english text provided )

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