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  1. For me, they want to drive through the buildings but get stuck. Maybe this is what you meant, too? Because, e.g., the Abrams in your first pic does not look like it's getting back on its feet ;)
  2. I would not say "through" but rather "into" unfortunately. Some more examples I captured recently attached. I makes missions, which rely on a rather "simple" task where the group is supposed to go from A to B and arrive at B very difficult. Needless to say (I hope) that this is a very common thing in practice.
  3. Anyone got insides as to what the above warning message in the DCS log file means exactly? Task "XXX" could not be executed and is still existing? Task was executed and is still existing? Anything else? Thanks!
  4. Lol, yeah :) BTW, I ran the mission a couple of times now. There were also cases where I did not see the engagement stop within any reasonable time frame. Just FYI! I think this is a very tricky one. The info about skill level of excellent is already quite helpful. I did not know this before.
  5. Thanks a lot for investigating into this and talking to the team, BN :thumbup: I just tried it out. Setting the groups to excellent indeed makes the battle a lot longer. But eventually, the engagement did stop. Please find attached an example mission which generates an endless battle between (excellent) infantry groups. Note that it is sometimes necessary to run it up to 5h or more (in accellerated time). Hope it helps :) WHS - 180 - Capture Zone Infantry Excellent.miz
  6. The strange thing is that the lion share of the work has already been done by ED. People who don't own the module will not be able to use it properly. Why it is now such a big thing to allow everyone to place a bloody icon on the map and have a carrier in the mission, which can only be used by people who bought it, is beyond me. Or, in other words, disabling all the goodies puts the SC more on the side of a module rather than on the side of an "asset pack". I have not heard any good argument, why the SC is on the asset pack side. It seems more like a "we can't explain it, but it is what is is". Anyway, I'm looking very much forward to the SC. Still, I dislike how things are developing...
  7. I have seen this as well. Was on the Caucasus map actually so it is not only Nellis. It happened when I assigned a specific parking spot (i.e. not "auto") at the landing waypoint. Interestingly, it happend only for specific aircraft types.
  8. Might not really help you Snoopy - sorry, but that feature is working fine here with my Reverb.
  9. Ah, sorry to hear that. However, the method I suggested works. I use it like this all the time as I simply cannot be bothered to create dozens of triggers for each mission ;) Check out some of my ATIS example missions. Files are at an arbitrary folder inside the miz.
  10. Well, if you get to the point to create missions where you don't only have a pre-defined set of waypoints, you'll probably see the "issue" as well. For example, I use a script that let's the carrier turn into the wind at arbitrary times. It already uses additional waypoints to help the carrier turn. Still this issue is happening at times. Then the mission is basically fubared and/or people need to restart their server.
  11. Will this issue be solved with the super carrier release? Or is the "super" carrier only doing its job as a single ship and not when part of a strike group?
  12. Put the sound files in another directory, i.e. not "i10n/DEFAULT". Then specify the path to the sound file in the trigger command. Files in "i10n/DEFAULT" are removed but files in other directories are not. God knows why... PS: You don't need to rename the miz to zip every time. Just tell your zip program to treat miz files as zip files.
  13. Don't know, whenever I read a discussion like this, the contributions of Grimes (if any) are usually the ones that make most sense to me. Very clear, reasonable and logic thinking.
  14. Hmm, ich hab FC3 installiert und der Module Manager möchte jetzt noch eine Su-33 installieren :huh:
  15. Ja, die Wirbelschleppen haben einen großen (negativen) Einfluß auf die FPS. Das merkst Du besonders, wenn Du in hinter einer größeren Anzahl an anderen Flugzeugen fliegst. Wenn ich in einer WWII Mission hinter einer großen Bomberformation fliege, wird DCS zum Daumenkino.
  16. Thanks for looking into it BN. Oh, that's probably because I use a symbolic link to the Moose files. I was not aware that this makes tracks unplayable for others. Yes, it's not that they are not engaging at all. They do but at some point it stops. Here is a 2 min video showing the issue:
  17. Here is a track file showing the issue. You can check the logs. It prints out the number of detected groups/units 2020-01-08 20:20:51.207 INFO SCRIPTING: 910( 1028)/I: SUPPRESSION00203.StatusReport(SUPPRESSION Infantry AK_WID-2_AID-101_RID-1 | State CombatReady, Units=3/4, ROE=Weapon Free, AlarmState=Auto, Hits=39, Life(min/max/ave/ave0)=93/98/95/71, Total Ammo=172, [color="red"]Detected=0/0[/color]) 2020-01-08 20:20:51.208 INFO SCRIPTING: 910( 1028)/I: SUPPRESSION00829.StatusReport(SUPPRESSION Soldier M4_WID-1_AID-1_RID-1 | State CombatReady, Units=5/5, ROE=Weapon Free, AlarmState=Auto, Hits=10, Life(min/max/ave/ave0)=95/100/99/99, Total Ammo=498, [color="red"]Detected=0/0[/color]) 2020-01-08 20:20:51.208 INFO SCRIPTING: 910( 1028)/I: SUPPRESSION00858.StatusReport(SUPPRESSION Soldier M4_WID-1_AID-2_RID-1 | State CombatReady, Units=5/5, ROE=Weapon Free, AlarmState=Auto, Hits=12, Life(min/max/ave/ave0)=97/100/98/98, Total Ammo=505, [color="Red"]Detected=0/0[/color]) which becomes zero at the end, whilst the groups of opposite coalition stand right next to each other. AI_Infantry_NOT_Engage.trk
  18. I set up a little battle zone. However, at some point, infantry groups stop engaging each other. They have ammo left and are not heavily damaged. ROE is "FIRE" and alarm state "AUTO". The https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getDetectedTargets functions says each group has not detected the other. This is single player with DCS
  19. Thanks ED. Great choice :thumbup: I will certainly enjoy flying there! From the newsletter: What will be improved compared to the other maps already in game? Thanks.
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