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  1. Also wanted to ask for more axis inputs. I know how to tweak the default.lua, but as LeCuvier said, what we can add is by no means optimal. Creating a curve does not fully solve the issue.


    It would be nice that if an aircraft gets an overhaul, the inputs were also brought to the standard of the newer aircraft. Especially, when this is an update we have to pay for.



  2. When you place an infantry in the edit, specify a course and start a mission, there are rare infantry who do not move forward and go round and round.

    Yeah, I have seen that as well. Did not record a track file yet, but there is definitely an issue.

    My mission was working just fine. But that changed in one of the last updates. Not the latest. The bug is around already a bit longer.


    It looks a bit like they perform a strange dance ;)

  3. Hi Kortana. As I said above, you should report the bug on the official github, or on the official thread to warn the author.

    It is important that you realize that an access violation CTD is 99.9% a DCS issue and should be looked at by ED.


    Of course, it is good to inform the author of the lua script,so he can maybe have a look at a potential workaround. But it is certainly ED's job to eliminate the root cause of this issue.

  4. Hi,


    thank you for your work. It´s a awesome script and a must have.

    Just need your help, i use RAT script but with the last moose version 2.5.0 i don´t get the RAT F10 options (respawn/info/etc) in the comms. So, i´m still using the previous moose version to overpass this. Can you help please? Does RAT script needed to be updated for the new moose version?


    Thank you.




    You have to enable it now via https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Functional.Rat.html##(RAT).RadioMenuON

  5. For those who would like to try and help with my new issue,

    here are the .miz and .lua files. This is a brand new mission

    and for whatever reason, the helo won't load.

    :helpsmilie: Please. I'm still a newbie with scripting. :D

    Check your second trigger ONCE(SAR Helo) in the miz. You are loading Moose (twice) instead of the helo script.

  6. Parking spots with hardened shelters are of terminal type 72 as returned by the DCS getParking function. That should be 68.


    Furthermore, all other parking spots are of type 104, which is generally for larger aircraft. Some should be type 72. Helo spots (type 40) seem to be correct.


    This makes dynamic spawning extremely difficult!


    Attached an image of Incirlik but it applies to all airbases.


  7. As of the latest version of MOOSE, v2.5.0 pre2, (RAT Script) large planes are still colliding

    with ground objects. It's probably more of an airport design more than anything,

    I mean, who puts buildings and fuel tanks right next to the taxiway? Nothing larger than a Cessna

    could get through. Maybe a Yak 40. Certainly not an airliner.


    Maybe you could allow the wings to "ghost?" When the first plane gets hung up like that,

    then the rest of them can't do anything either. They just sit there.

    yeah, finding parking spots for larger aircraft is really difficult in DCS. you can set terminal types but the big ones often make problems. I implemented a scan that checks the vicinity around the parking spot for statics and scenery. Not sure if it is enabled by default.



    OH BTW, "SetDestination" and "ExcludedAirports" commands don't work.

    Either the script won't load, or I get an error message like this.

    (Example: A380:SetDestination({"Dubai","Abu Dhabi"}) etc. Even one destination triggers the error.

    Make sure you use airbase names exactly as spelled in the mission editor. For example, Dubai is called "Dubai Intl".

  8. I know thread is a few months old. But I'm having trouble getting the AB script to run. I've up loaded the script I'm using (Airboss New.Lua) with the name changes I made. I put in the CVN-71, named it CVN-71 in game and in the script. I have moose running, and it's working. Here are some pics. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    You have to specify the name of the carrier unit ("Unit #001") not that of the group ("CVN-71") in the script. (A ship group could have multiple carriers and the script would not know which one you mean.)


    Note: There might be other issues as you also have the RESCUEHELO and RECOVERYTANKER in your script file but I do not see any late activated groups in your pics.

  9. Anyone have a technique in MOOSE to pass a route to a ground unit that essentially hands them a series of waypoints to follow?

    Something like

     local Speed=50  -- km/h
     local Formation="Off Road"
     local zone1=ZONE:New("Zone Alpha")
     local zone2=ZONE:New("Zone Bravo")
     local wp={}  
     wp[1]=zone1:GetCoordinate():WaypointGround(Speed, Formation)
     wp[2]=zone2:GetCoordinate():WaypointGround(Speed, Formation)
     GROUP:FindByName("My Mobile Ground Group"):Route(wp)

    will route them off road to trigger zone "Alpha" and "Bravo".


    In general, you need a set of coordinates, create waypoints and use :Route() on the waypoint table.

  10. Your script looks good. There is no reason I can see why there is a difference between what you do and the demo mission.


    Do you see the subtitles on the right or left side?


    If you see them on the right side, you have no radio relay (which you script suggests). The subtitles are then messages you see independent if you have the sound files in the right place or not.


    So two things could be:

    1. You don't have all sound files in the right place.

    2. You did not change your frequency to 264 MHz to hear the LSO calls.


    Hope this helps :)

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