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  1. Thanks, good catch mate @Desert Fox! When I have time, I will correct that.
  2. A group of four MLRSs is rearming as shown in the pic. However, only three of the four units get new rockets. The reason is probably that the fourth unit is too far away and not in the valid "rearming range". The group got a waypoint very close to the rearming truck. But as we cannot control individual units of a group, it can easily become impossible to rearm a whole group. Needless to say that the issue becomes more likely with increasing group size!
  3. The problem now (compared to five years ago) is that we now have aircraft (like the Hornet), which sometimes require multiple clients to be in the same group (so they show up as a wingman in the SA). Yet sounds and radio menus can still only be created on a group level.
  4. local flight=FLIGHTGROUP:New("Group Name") local nshells=flight:GetAmmoTot().Guns Requires MOOSE develop branch version.
  5. Okay, so basically all inputs are the same for all variants? Then this is no factor of course. Thanks for the explanation!
  6. Hell, no! Please don't tell me that Heatblur puts button assignments for all Tomcat versions under one category? That means an unnecessary waste of controller inputs on our side. For example, any button you assign to the "Mid Compression Bypass CB Pull" for the A-model will not be usable in the B-variant. Please make this a clean solution and differentiate between the models.
  7. No, MOOSE does not make any difference between SP and MP. It does not even know if the mission runs on a server or locally. So every difference is a DCS MP quirk usually. However, schedulers run fine in MP missions. So that is a bit strange.
  8. You can simply add yak:SetDestination({"RAT Zone North"}) and remove yak:DestinationZone("RAT Zone North") That line is only useful if you specify airbases as destination but only want them to fly there and not land.
  9. I really like the new feature of the historical list of units. However, I noticed that this is a "global" setting, i.e. once turned on or off it will be that for every mission I load. I would prefer this setting to be "per mission", i.e. off by default if a new mission is created. And once activated or deactivated it would only apply to that very mission and not to all missions I load. In other words, the setting would be saved in the miz file. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!
  10. As the title says. The new S_EVENT_UNIT_LOST event does not fire for (some?) warbirds. At least I do not get it for the Dora for example. You only get pilot dead and crash events but the unit lost event should also fire. To reproduce, have a warbird killed in action and check the Event column in the debrief. Thanks.
  11. That error is probably because you did not put two equal signs in the if clause. if assignments.engage == true then do something
  12. Correct, CVN-75 has been added to the master and development branches of MOOSE but is not in the latest release v2.5.1 included.
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