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  1. there is a button to turn the labels on and off, if you don,t want them on then turn them off. they are in the game for a reason because its a game and not real . a one eyed donkey has a better view distance
  2. the battles sre not as big or intense without the labels it . bring back the labels it makes a more fun server
  3. hi. i have been playing every day for two weeks but now when i try to join online server the game will crash with a Run Time error can anyone help .Thanks puppy never mind it was the server i was connecting to
  4. hello all i just got the hawk but i cant get the GTS light lit could anybody help me with this please , i am new to the game so if you could tell me what it is in the control panel i need to bind that would be good .having a mire setteing all controls up again again nice one for any help.puppy
  5. hello i have just got he hawk but i can,t get the GTS i hold left ctrl left shift and nothing. if i have to bind somthing could you help by telling me what i need to bind i am very new to the game full xpo would be good thanks for any help puppy
  6. noob hi all, just started playing to get ready for dcs 2 .i am a noob atm but i can fly.i will be smashing the multi player so if any one wants a wing man or cam help me .hook me up. onesickpupp always online. :pilotfly:
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