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  1. Yes, the first answer was a JA pilot too. He said that he did fly the AJ or SH at first for a short time if I remember a post he wrote a long time ago.
  2. But would the click of a solenoid overpower the noise of the engine? My guess is that the need for ear protection is not there because of button presses in the cockpit ;) I hope it isn't too loud if implemented and that the "hear as helmet" option reduces it hard.
  3. I have only started in "parking hot" yet. Will start my cold start training tonight, but yes, if it's ok in air start then perhaps the gauge get weird in hot start?
  4. Ah, but isn't 1 liter = 1 liter? Is the % based on weight then? And perhaps that is why the external tank hold less liters for AJS as the weight increase with the new fuel?
  5. It's kinda weird, if you read the SFI pt2 for the AJ it says that 5525 liters is 100% and in SFI pt2 for the AJS it say 5525 liters is 107%. The AJ external tank hold 1320 liters and the AJS 1250 liters. It says 1250 liters is 26% but I get it to about 24% (if 5525 is 107% 9600lbs, 100% is about 5163 liters 9000lbs) How come that 5525 liters became 107% for AJS when it was 100% for the AJ? Anyhow, the external tank in sim seem to hold between 2375-2540liters, about 1000-1200 liters too much. Unless the fuel gauge has an error.
  6. Ah, ok, I meant spaksignal but wrote spakkraft, but I think you answered my question anyway :) Thanks Ragnar, it's a wonderful aircraft you guys made, and I hope you will have time to enjoy your creation yourself in the future :)
  7. No landing gear lock IAS >550kmh / w.o.w You can't lower the gear if speed is above 550 & and you can't retract it if your throttle is at a position corresponding to a rpm below 85%. Below 85% rpm it's locked physically, not sure how it's locked if above 550, some sort of electronic lock I guess. ^ How the real level work
  8. Airbrakes The holes are there because there were vibrations in the dorsal fin without them, the holes had a small reduction of the brakes, and the upper air brakes won't open very much, you can see that if you look in external view. That is because if the were opened more they caused pitch instability. According to a book I've read.
  9. Awesome! I also very curious how you solved the spakkraft as you just have the actual stick position from our joysticks?
  10. I haven't flown without the external fuel tank yet so I can't compare but I haven't had any issues with the trim during flight and I have been using the trim a lot.
  11. I've read that the viggen had a feathering nose wheel due to the instability properties during reverse. It could feather +-4 degrees from the commanded input. Is this modeled?
  12. When I choose any of the landing mods I get the fin to go up and down if I divert from the reference speed 550kmph. But if I press gear down it still uses the reference speed as reference. It won't have 12 alpha as reference. I need to activate and deactivate the AFK to get alpha 12. After I activated and deactivated the AFK It work as I thought it would, I can change modes and go back and it works. But it won't work if I don't do on/off on AFK first.
  13. As the topic says, I believe the tank hold too much fuel. If I choose a clean ac with x-tank and set the internal fuel to 51% I get 99% in the pit. It should read about 79%. Full internal is about 107% and with x-tank about 133% according to SFI. If I set 100% internal with xt I read 135% in pit but it stay at 135 long after take off. If I set internal to 0% I will read 46% in pit. 107-133=26 so I think it holds about 20% too much fuel. Or it should be reduced by about 45% depending how you count.
  14. One other thing that was fixed in the update was if I pressed full rudder to turn the ac on ground it stopped turning and slowly turned the opposite way.
  15. If the inner elevons is centered it would mean that the outer max out at 10.4 degrees. If they move more it wouldn't be correct if I understood the SFI .
  16. Strange aileron behaviour when stationary with SPAK enabled Yes, I watched a video with G52 https://youtu.be/4qvnvv5c-Xs and when he stop at 6:38, the outer elevons do move up a bit and then down to match the inner elevons.
  17. Strange aileron behaviour when stationary with SPAK enabled My first impression was as you wrote Corrigan, but I think it's more to it, it uses the gyros and accelerometers to dampen outside forces as well, to make the ac fly "clean". The jaw gyro is one example, it counteract the yaw instability and dampens yaw movement. When on ground the rate of degrees that the rudder moves is increased and when the nose wheel is lifted the rate of degrees return to normal. ^this is what I think, I don't know that it so.
  18. I've read that if you apply brakes while using the reverser you should pull aft stick to unload the nose wheel as the instability increase with high pressure on it. But if there is too much pressure on the nose weel at take off, could that be the cg being much forward? I mean, if the aft stick decrease the instability.
  19. Ok, then I don't understand why they would move if the ac isn't moving, as far as I understand there are accelerometers and moment gyros that after been compensated for Mach nr, speed and altitude give signals to the servos of the outer elevens and the rudder. Would really a small increase in rpm have that effect on the accelerometers? On the other hand, if the rpm make the nose wheel strut to compress the moment gyros might give a signal and if it's so that the gain in 0 speed is great, then this could happen?
  20. Maybe the brakes are too good in the sim, I've read that the brakes normally can hold to zone1 on a dry runway. But over zone1 the ac will start moving forward even with brakes on.
  21. Climbing performance much worse than it should be So the engine rpm in sim has a flipped performance chart sort of? But even then 67% seems a bit high for -40.
  22. These forces are the "break out" force that you need to apply to move the stick. The force then increase as you pull further to about 150-170 N at max in pitch depending on what mode is selected.
  23. I think that it's correct with generator, it generates a force to the stick when you pull it, the force increase as you pull.
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