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  1. Hi I mean rotary switch, but I’m putting resistors between the legs to make it a voltage divider and read the analog value. Then instead of 6 pins on the Arduino I only need one. But I can’t get a good result, sometimes it switches the selector switch and sometimes it’s not, and the position does not correspond to the position on my switch totally random. I don’t know how to see what value is actually read on the analog pin but if anyone know that would be nice. Cheers
  2. Hi guys Has anyone used a rotary switch as voltage divider in dcs-bios? I’m trying to but the selector switch moves very irregular. When I use a analogToSerial test code it work 100%. In switches.h there are if lines were the first two has round(analogread) but the other doesn’t. Why isn’t it needed to round everything? Anyway, I’m having problems using it and wondered if anyone used it with succes?
  3. Oh, and yes 0.2.13 worked for me :) Cheers
  4. I can’t copy paste but I can try to write here, I get errors in Button.h & Dimmer.h ..Buttons.h:64:17 error: expected ‘)’ before ‘const’ ..Buttons.h: in member function ‘virtual void DcsBios::MatActionButton::pollInput()’: ..Buttons.h:53:34 error: invalid types ‘char[char]’ for array subscript char state = *matrix[row][col]; ..Dimmer.h: In member function ‘void DcsBios::Dimmer::SetControl(const char*)’; ..Dimmer.h:28:6: error: ‘msg_’ was not declared in this scope msg_ = msg; So I used the Button.h from .11 and the commented out Dimmer.h in DcsBios.h
  5. I had to use the .11 button.h and exclude the dimmer.h in DcsBios.h to get it to work. The buttonmatrix and the dimmer wasn’t liked by my Arduino IDE :) Cheers
  6. I have the same problem, 0.2.11 compiles, .15,.16 & .17 does not. /F
  7. Great request, if one could set it were we set the curves it would be awesome. Regards F
  8. They are going to sell panels for home cockpit building.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/NovelAirReplikas/ Panels for the AJS37 First out to be completed seems to be the Navpanel.
  10. There is data for 20k feet for the Viggen and a clean ac will accelerate from 1.0 to 1.5 in approximately 80sec.
  11. I translated the system check flight that were used to check the aircraft performance after maintenance. Check some threads down. If you follow the steps you will see if the aircraft behave as expected. If you can go through the steps without issues you have an aircraft ready for combat. Make a mission with a 100% fueled clean aircraft and set air temp to 0 or 20 deg Celsius so you have a reference to compare your values with the charts. Cheers
  12. What, if any, do you see as the most serious current problems with the Viggen? - Speed at possible rotation at take off is locked to above 250km/h. We should be able to start rotating as low as 150km/h. - The max possible load factor (G) need to be tuned to fit the charts. - The stick force logic seems off, if you do a very fast but very short stick pull you will get very high G output. Perhaps both inner and outer rudders react on these kind of input? Anyway it seems to be exaggerate the rudder movement too much so the damping is lost? - The engine performance is not up to par yet. I know some of these things are being worked at but I wanted to mention them anyway. When was the last time you played the module? About a week ago How great an impact did incomplete/buggy features have on your enjoyment of the module? Pretty great as I only do shorter flights these days due to time restrictions. Did you raise these issues with HeatBlur? Just puffed some air in the forum If so, how satisfied were you with their response, if any. The response come from other forum members that try to tell me how I should adapt to how the module work instead how it should work. What sort of other important bugs, now resolved, do you remember and how long did it take for them to be resolved? Can’t remember In your opinion, what is a reasonable amount of time for bugs of varying complexity to be resolved? 2-12 month In your opinion, what is a reasonable amount of time for a module to be in Early Access? 2 years Based on Heatblur's claim of having their F-14B module being mostly feature complete on early access launch, how confident are you they will be able to meet that goal? Very! Knowing what you know now, would you purchase the AJS-37 Viggen Module? Yes! Knowing what you know now, would you purchase the F-14 module? I only fly Viggen
  13. Nice, I hope you can follow it through, I’m not close to have the system knowledge to pull this one off, I’ll leave it to the hardcore guys to fly this one. That being said, I had a hard time translating some control points as I haven’t learned the system good enough yet, but I hope the guys who know the system can follow through. Cheers
  14. Black out = death 90% of the time? It’s not physically possible to pull more than like 6G’s at M1,5 in the Viggen (altitude 9000m) (8km=5G, 7km=4.5G, 10km=5G) One limit is the servos, they just aren’t strong enough. There are more limitations, seriestrim, rudder angle(max-22) and AoA. At lower altitude 0-2km and M0,8-ish you can pull up to 12G though ( I think this is when you transition from M1+ to subsonic and the seriestrim give you more rudder authority, so if you pull max during the transition you might get this high, if I understood correctly that is... (and I might have mixed it up with a warning that the transition has this character and you need to be aware<-most likely this...) )
  15. Hi guys After maintenance the normal procedure was to perform a system check flight to make sure the aircraft was ready for service. I’ve translated the System check flight check list. There are some references to Chapter IV that can be found in SFI part 2 Chapter 2-6 concerning engine values etc. There is a good to fair chance that I’ve mistranslated a lot of stuff but what you see in the file is my limit in the English language:) Anyway, here is a link to an excel document: http:// https://www.dropbox.com/s/za20fb5w0y8fdht/SystemCheckFlight.xlsx?dl=0 I hope some of you find it useful and who knows, maybe you have 2hrs left on a Saturday night with nothing else to do than a System check flight :) Cheers
  16. When doing a “control check flight”, one part is to check AoA15 at 6km. -Decelerate to AoA 15 and and compare Vi at 1G. (AoA15 should correspond to Vi 240-280km/h with fuel 55-65%) -Maintain AoA15 and 1G, give fast stick aft (very fast). (High Alpha Warning should activate) Fun to try :)
  17. Engine check after maintenance, standard procedure...
  18. AJS 37 Viggen afterburner issue. From the charts I’ve looked at you should be able to accelerate from 657km/h at 0km to M0.9 at 10km, it should take about 13 minutes to get there according to the charts. So you should at least be able to hold M0.9 at 10k. There is a chart for “engine control” values that show what the engine values should be at 13km and M0.9. The afterburner issue is more complex, it’s a combination between speed alt and AB zone. If you go M1.2 and Zone3 you should be able to climb over 16k without it cutting off.
  19. So with a clean aircraft 100% fuel, air temp 15deg: Weight: 15500kg Zone2: Speed at rotation: 228km/h Zone3: Speed at rotation: 185km/h (min allowed is 190km/h) Aircraft with 100% fuel, full external tank, 16 bombs: Weight: 18850kg Zone2: Speed at rotation: 255+29-> 284km/h Zone3: Speed at rotation: 220+29->249km/h The added 29km/h is due to the external stores. Minimum recommended speed at rotation is 250km/h
  20. Anyone else feel that it pitches up too much? Just remember that the max allowed speed on ground is 320km/h due to tire rotation [emoji6] Here you can see at what speed you can rotate depending on weight, throttle and temperature.
  21. Anyone else feel that it pitches up too much? The gearing in pitch takes info from altitude and speed and reduce the rudder angle with increased rudder authority when you have the stick pulled at a specific angle. The idea was to have the same g pull with a specific stick angle regardless of speed and altitude. So it does not exaggerate anything, I would say it work the other way around.
  22. The pitch is very sensitive in the air too, if you fly fast and pull the stick fast 1-2cm you will over G. The issue with the take off is that below 250, whatever your weight, you can’t pitch up, so if you try to pull before 250 you will end up in aoa warning, especially if you go zone3. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future but for now you should wait after 250 and just use a very light pull to take off. And check your trim settings, if you don’t have a full external tank it should be 0, otherwise-3.
  23. Clean aircraft 60% fuel. Trim is pre-set to 3, the trim should be 0 with this load out. Only time trim should be set to 3 is when a full external fuel tank is present.
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