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  1. Haven’t seen it, thanks! But what seem to happen to me is that when you pass the 9% the throttle in the sim “jumps” to flight idle, and that’s ok, but it also do a jump when I pass 11% and that’s what I think is odd. Perhaps it’s just the animation of the throttle? But it shouldn’t do that jump as there is no detent between Flight idle and mil.
  2. While trying to have a software cut off function I noticed this. Using DCS-BIOS I can read the throttle position in the sim. When I have the throttle all the way back(ground idle) I have a value of 3276. When I go to flight and idle it jumps to 6553. So far ok then. But if I advance just a tad more there is another jump to 9858. After this the throttle can be smoothly controlled. I get the first jump from 3276-6553 as we are simulating the MTG/FTG detent but the next one shouldn’t be there. Has anyone else seen this “double detent”? Regards F
  3. The network feature is very handy for me, big improvement. I haven’t tried yet, but is it possible to connect a panel to my laptop usb and use it in DCS on my Sim-computer with this? Regards F
  4. Thank you so much! It sort of worked:) it seems like the High Pressure Valve in the AJS37 doesn’t work like a on/off switch. The state can be 1 and if I set it to 1 again it will turn off the valve but the state is still 1, same goes for 0. Need to figure out how to read it’s position without reading the state as it can be both on and off in both state 1&0... Regards F
  5. I can’t figure it out, really feel stupid over here. How do I set a switch/button to a certain value without having the switch/button connected to the Arduino? Regards F
  6. Great, thanks! I like the new environment and I will use this from now on. Regards F
  7. DCS-BIOS 0.8.0 prerelease feedback thread Awesome, thanks! The control reference doesn’t update for me. I have a AJS37.lua that I’ve worked with and I’ve copied it to the new DCS-BIOS. My panels work but the control reference is the “original” one. Is there another way to update it with this new version? Regards F
  8. The reference documentation does not work with Explorer, but it will open in Explorer when you use that as default browser. Is it possible to have it open I chrome even if I use explorer as default? Great to see you back in development!! Regards F
  9. Search for In Line Read Out Display and you’ll find some on eBay, but there are several sizes and the microfilm might have different symbols than numbers and so on...
  10. Yep, I know, hard to make though :) I’m using a OLED display for that one instead :)
  11. AJS37 cockpit build Thanks! Yes, the guidance rail looks like something like this from above( the lines connected): |_ ..| So you need to press the throttle left/out to be able to get to afterburner. There are click detents for AB zone 1-3 and a click detent for ground/flight idle. There is a stop after the idle detent, you have to lift the stop pin to get over that one and that shuts down the engine. The physical stop etc work but I haven’t got the function in the sim yet, trying not to use a physical button, but I haven’t figured out how yet :)
  12. http:// Testing the afterburner zones and idle
  13. I made mine like this. A 5v solenoid, 9V circuit, PWM adjusted to hold the switch to keep it cool enough for long runs and a protection diod. Works, but gives a high frequency noise due to the pwm. But hey, what cockpit is silent :)
  14. Thanks, if I can’t get it within DCS-BiOS I’ll check that one out. Is it possible to set a button/switch in DCS-BIOS without having a physical device connected? We have the DcsBios::integerbuffer buttonchange(x046c, 0xffff, 0, onbuttonchange) but is there a DcsBios::setinput button(0x46c, 1) or anything like that?
  15. Hi guys Using DCS-BIOS I want to set a switch in DCS depending on my throttle position. So when my throttle is below a value the switch is set to 1 and if it’s above a value it’s set to 0. I don’t want a physical switch connected just control the switch in the sim depending on my throttle position. (The throttle is not connected with DCS-bios) Is this possible? And if so, could you give me some pointers to how it’s done? Regards F
  16. I made it myself, I’ve built everything to be as close to the real one as possible, correct sizes of nuts and bolts etc. I made the push buttons so there is a distinct click and I’ve made detents for the AB stages and ground/flight idle ( made them inside the throttle body as I didn’t want to design the gear lever assembly yet). It’s yet a prototype and I have just the throttle axis installed for now, using a TLE5010 and mmjoy2.
  17. Soon ready for first throttle up
  18. Eagle PCB and then send the Gerber file to manufacture :)
  19. Just wanted to share some pictures of my hopefully ever finished AJS37 cockpit build:) MAX487 for RS-485 Test setup for RPM gauge Startpanel setup http:// Testing the Datapanel display Cheers
  20. Hi guys I just started to look at the displays in my project. For testing I use a SH1106 1.3” OLED connected to a Nano & I2C and the issue is that I can’t compile with IRQ serial and it won’t compile as Slave either, just Default serial work. So the question is, before I order the display I intend to use(SSD1322): Is there anything I can/should look for to make sure that I can compile it with IRQ and as a Slave? Regards F
  21. Yes, the datasheet for the 487 states max12V too so I don’t really know why this happened. I connected the 487 Vcc to one 5V pin on the mega. And powering the mega from USB worked with the same connection except from the 12V Vin. I’ve measured on the mega and can’t find why it burned my chips, I’ll just leave the 12V Vin for now and let it be powered by the USB.
  22. Late answer but this is just a small beware: As we all know all electric components run on blue smoke, I just let the smoke out on four max487’s due to what I think was a Voltage regulator malfunction on the Arduino Mega. I put 12V on the Vin pins on all Arduinos but it took me 4 487’s to figure out that I couldn’t do that on my Mega. The Nano worked though. But googling the issue told me that 12V is on the high side on the Vin even though it should be able to cope due to heat in the regulator. The common answer was to use 9V on the Vin instead to be safe. Well, I finally got it working after I disconnected the Vin on the Mega and just used the USB to power it, but when you’re blue smoking SMD 487’s it’s easy not to laugh :) Cheers
  23. What do you mean exactly? That the flaps don’t start to close when the main gear is compressed? (I guess you would need to look in external view to see this?) According to your quote the nose gear need to compress within 1 second after main gear compression or the closing of the flaps will abort until the nose gear is compressed. So the nose gear need to be compressed or else the thrust reverser will abort. Cheers
  24. Hi I’m using 1k resistors between the legs and it work when I use a test code for anologRead. But when I use dcs-bios, I’m on .18 with the support for voltage dividers it does not, it’s not my own code. I was thinking that there might be someone else using these and if so it would be very helpful to know where they used them so I could compare and try to find were I need to change something. I’m trying to use the datapanelselector in the AJS37. Cheers
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