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  1. Just the split second before I snapped the picture everything was a big fire ball, too bad this was back in -97 and I only had a old camera were you forwarded the film for the next picture manually :) I think the distance was about 1.5km. But as you can see on the top part, I did capture the bombs in the air from 3 of them :)
  2. When I did my military service I had the opportunity to see a 4-group 37s drop 16 bombs each: http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac287/freddan321/Viggenbomb2.jpg
  3. It's a setting in tapatalk, they just need to disable it.
  4. To fly realistic, you need to use a tactic that work for the specific scenario. No one is flying high or low just because. If flying low makes it hard for my enemy to find/lock me, then there is were I will be and vice versa.
  5. Put them in a separate layer and use the layer manger to freeze them/ hide them.
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