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  1. That is a good argument! I would think that they made it the way it is to harmonize between all the different throttles being used by us?
  2. No I don’t think so, if they can fix the oscillation spot I don’t think anyone will have any issues with it really.
  3. The detent is there, what I meant was the detent is not a on/off switch between ground and flight idle. In DCS if you move the throttle slowly from ground to flight idle the rpm increase is very sudden, it should increase like when you move it in the flight idle to max Mil regime.
  4. I’ve had this too, there seem to be a sweet spot where this occur, and if you’re lucky enough you’ve set your flight idle at that spot ;) I adjusted the throttle curve slightly to get out of the spot where the oscillation occur. There shouldn’t be a ground idle vs flight idle spot, the throttle should increase thrust linearly. - The Mil thrust range is about 50% of the throttle range, last 50% is the AB zones. But I understand why it’s done the way it’s done, not many throttles have adjustable detents and there would be serious crying if the AB kicked in at 50% range of peoples throttles :)
  5. Yes, the charts I’ve seen show a max weight of 17 tons for Mil power take offs. Clean AC with x-tank weighs 16433kg, that doesn’t give much room for weapons. It show that on a day with 25C air temp, if your AB fails under 300kmph you will not have enough power for level flight. The aerodynamic compendiums and charts also say/show that if your approach speed is low compared to your landing weight you have very little room for corrections before the drag will overcome the thrust and you will have to use AB to recover. If I read it correct, the max weight for a 15.5 aoa landing is 14000kg when air temp is -30C, at +20 the max weight for 15.5 is 12.5-13000kg depending on air pressure, to have enough power to accelerate with full Mil power. 12 aoa, +20C max weight about 14kkg to be able to accelerate with full Mil.
  6. Roll center is on the left panel, under the three gauges (trim and what more)
  7. Ive updated post #2, red ones is the ones that doesnt work for me. Regards F
  8. I will try to show with an example, the Auto Yaw Trim: The AJS37.lua: definePotentiometer("AUTO_YAW_TRIM", 22, 3732, 211, {0, 1} The clickabledata.lua (AJS37): elements["PNT_211"] = default_axis_limited(_("Autopilot Yaw Trim"),devices.FLIGHTDATAUNIT, 3732, -666, 0.01, false, false, 1) So when i use the control reference: I expect to be able to set a value betwen 0-65535 and see the Auto Yaw Trim dial go to that position, but its not. It rotates, to me, totally random, ie if i set 24500 it can be rotated right or left and if i set the same value again it rotates again. In clickabledata it has -666 where most of the other has its argument number, dont know what -666 is. Im not sure what else i can add, it just doesnt work as it is. Best Regards F
  9. Hi Duckling I actually fixed fixed the FR22 buttons earlier today by doing just that, I compared clickabledata.lua and my AJS37.lua and found that they differed. That fixed some of the inputs above too. I can get inputs to the Base/Ground selectors but it’s not usable, the inputs doesn’t match any logic steps for the wheels or potentiometers ie if I input a value of 5000 the result can be 15789 or 42543 or whatever :) Awesome FR22 there, I hope you get the backlighting working, some of the panels use Electroluminescent panels don’t they? Not very user friendly for home cockpits though. I’ll update the list above later tonight. Regards F
  10. The following inputs doesnt work for me: definePotentiometer("AUTO_YAW_TRIM", 22, 3732, 211, {0, 1} --Takes input but not usable definePushButton("MAX_G_RESET", 25, 3722, 175--No Response, should be Device22 but no joy either definePushButton("BACK_ADI_CAGE", 25, 3720, 123, definePushButton("COUNTERMEASURE_FAST_RELEASE", 22, 3001, 184--No Response, should be Device22 but no joy either definePushButton("ROLL_CENTER", 22, 3305, 212, defineToggleSwitch("CABIN_AIR_VALVE", 21, 3000, 398--No Response, should be Device18 but no joy either definePotentiometer("DRYSUIT", 21, 3917, 396, {0, 1} defineToggleSwitch("IGNITION_COILS", 5, 3918, 395 --{pressing this crashes DCS} defineToggleSwitch("IFF_POWER", 21, 3000, 308 defineTumb("FR22_GROUP", 31, 3307, 360, 0.1, {0.0, 1.0}, nil, false, defineTumb("FR22_BASE", 31, 3230, 492, 0.1, {0.0, 1.0}, nil, false defineTumb("FR22_MODE_SELECTOR", 31, 3110, 386, 0.1, {0.0, 0.5}, (FR24 actually) definePotentiometer("TEST_MODE_SELECTOR", 18, 3913, 675, {0, 1} (shoulb be a rotary switch but its not?) defineRotary("MAG_CORRECTION", 22, 3724, 1201 --rotates but doesnt seem to do anything? defineRotary("ALT_SET", 22, 3306, 2005, --Fixed defineTumb("IFF_CODE", 18, 3000, 309, 0.1, {0.0, 1.0}, nil, false,--Fixed definePotentiometer("MASTER_VOL", 24, 3006, 399, {0, 1} --Fixed defineRotary("CLOCK_SET", 22, 3801, 135, --Fixed definePushButton("STOPWATCH_START_STOP", 22, 3802, 134 --Fixed defineRotary("HUD_BRIGHT", 22, 3409, 9999, --Fixed defineRotary("ALT_SET", 22, 3306, 2005, --Fixed Anyone else had any luck with these? Regards F
  11. Hi guys I’m having no luck communicating with some of the devices in the AJS37 cockpit. Usually I use the reference manual to set switches etc to see how they work but there are some things that won’t take inputs, just read outs. Example: AUTO_YAW_TRIM, 25, 3732, 211 doesn’t move the trim in the sim. In clickable data it has instead of 211 a -666. Can’t figure out what the -666 actually mean but there are more things that have -666 as arg number and they won’t make any input either. So, do we anyone who got the Auto Yaw Trim working? Best Regards F
  12. Ok, I solved it finally, added my own respiratory and installed in the plugin manager.
  13. Hi guys A big problem just opened up for me. I have used a modified AJS37.lua for a couple of years to suit my panel setup. Yesterday I changed order of a couple of things in the .lua. But I run DCS-Bios hub v0.8.45 and the control reference doesn’t show the complete integerbuffer so I can’t compile my sketches. So I installed v0.10.0, but then I’m supposed to install plugins? I don’t have DCS installed on the computer that I use for arduino programming and the plugin option doesn’t show in the web interface. So the big question is: How can I use my lua and json in v.0.10.0?? Just putting the files in the usual folders won’t do any good. Putting the json in “appdata/roaming” doesn’t help either. Please enlighten me! Regards F
  14. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/194987-dcs-bios-switch-init/?tab=comments#comment-3728623 Could this be useful?
  15. I stand corrected , I’ve just tried it and I can see the throttle animation move when I move within the zones and the thrust varies with the movement.
  16. The issue seem to be 2 folded, there is no indication within the zones because the throttle has no travel within the zones in DCS. On the real throttle I would say, give or take, that Mil power has about 50% of the throttles range, including ground and flight idle and the 3 AB zones has the last 50% of the throttle range. In DCS we have a very narrow range for all 3 stages and I would guess they are just stages. And if they are stages in DCS the nozzle indicator show correctly for the throttle in DCS. But it would be nice if the nozzle could be completely open in zone3. Perhaps the engine is throttled ;)
  17. Green zone: AB zone 1-3 should work normal. Yellow zone: only zone 3, and not possible to re-ignite. Red Zone: no zone work. So it according to the chart it depend on speed too, the chart only show up to 16km, but I would guess you could extend those lines a bit without being completely wrong. But speed is important at those heights too.
  18. Of course, I can do that check there and set a value to an int/bool and use that in the other function, I’ve done similar in another sketch, but now I got stuck in another thought. Thank Guys!! Regards F
  19. Sorry, I updated the first post, it’s the AJS37 Viggen.
  20. :) it’s been a while and I see my post isn’t the best. The issue was the hud symbol reference fin. If I was AFK=on, gear=up and lowered the gear, the hud symbology still had 500kmph as reference speed. Haven’t checked this lately so I can’t say it works now. Regard F
  21. Hi guys, I need some help. The issue: The AJS37 Viggen destination indicator show letters with different colors depending on in what state the mode selector is in. But the output is the same, for example, in Nav-mode “M” is shown in white, and in Spa-mode “M” is shown in red, but both outputs are “M”. So I need to see if the mode selector is in SPA and then set the color red in my display. But I don’t know how to check that. Anyone who knows? Regards F
  22. The panels with back light are bought from Novelair, they are made from transparent acrylic so it’s fairly easy to make it work. The others are 3d-printed and cannot be backlit. So I have the same problem as you :) Laser cutter and NC-router would be nice to have in the future. Just short of space/money/time right now :)
  23. My desk need to go soon, seems like it’s time to start building a “cockpit floor”
  24. It’s a recommended limit, the charts show that the afterburner zoneIII have enough power to accelerate further. But the real limit seem to be the fuel pumps, it can’t keep up with the fuel needed for the engine. “Flying at M1.1 will deplete the fuel within 10minutes, but the fuel feed won’t allow that, the engine will light out before the fuel is empty” So perhaps the question would be for how long can the pumps keep up before a engine light out? /F
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