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  1. Skin for the DCS:L-39C Albatros. Number 5301, Slovak Air Force 2nd training squadron, Sliac AB. Download
  2. Fulcrum Drivers Skin pack now available
  3. I checked my skins. I always make it. Looks myszak and Forest forget is
  4. #56 and #111 converted into one pack and #40 also added. See download link in the first post
  5. Updated skins are avaible. Check the first post or User Files for the skins
  6. I will update my skins soon ;)
  7. If i close my eyes, i sawpixels everywhere :joystick:
  8. Jack

    [WiP] Maverick?

    Great job! But looks like some partsin the tail, you not painted corretly
  9. Little eye candy. I working on it a longe time ago. But it was really painfull
  10. Jack

    Hungarian AF

    Mr. OliverCurtis and Mr Jack presents the Hungarian paint scheme. Happy landings! Download
  11. Semi-fictional. Original paint scheme is designed for UB
  12. I planned to make it. After the 2003 demo jet ;) Tapatalkkal küldve az én S40 eszközömről
  13. I made a lot of skins for the ai model. Easy to convert to the Lot20 model :):music_whistling: Canada Tiger meet 2003 sheme added to the list in the fist post :thumbup: ....And the next on is in progress :)
  14. 1st post upated ;) New VFA-37, TUDM and Spain Tiger Meet added to the list
  15. 1st post updated. New skins added to the list ;)
  16. First post updataed. 22BLT Malbork Skins by Forest1 added to the list
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