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  1. Sure[emoji41] Tapatalkkal küldve az én S40 eszközömről
  2. You are trying install my old skins to the new modell. These skins are not comatible with the Lot20 model
  3. VFA-81 is coming soon:music_whistling: You can Download here:thumbup:
  4. Great! I made it for FC2 and DCS1.2. :) it is a really nice scheme ;) Today i started it for the Lot20 too.... But I not finish it
  5. Jack

    VFA-87 CAG

    You can download them from their website ;) You can found here
  6. Canada Download Created by foou and me Download VFA-27 Royal Maces Download Download VFA-37 Ragin' Bulls Download Download Download VFA-81 Sunliners Download VFA-86 Sidewinders Download VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes Download VFA-146 Blue Diamonds Download VFA-192 Golden Dragons Download Download Spain C.15-26 Tiger Meet Download TUDM Download
  7. Thanks Skate ;) Really usefull for skinners
  8. I'm back to skinnig. I made it for FC2, and DCS 1.5....and Now For the Lot20
  9. I made it a few years ago...yesss it is a really nice job!
  10. Usually is download all of pictures and draws what 1 found in google :) And use it for reference
  11. I know it is a huge work. But the camo shceme is not authentic :( Some pictures i think would be help ;)
  12. Looking good. Really deatiled work :thumbup: The blue is in real life are black
  13. Download it ;) It is in PNG format, an the background not visible.
  14. If you want make a CAG and line jets :music_whistling:
  15. I have an 8 years old configuration :( So the DCS not running on it. I'm using a stand alone modelviwer to check the skins. But i want make some new skins for it. That's why I would like to ask an EDM8 version Hornet model. :)
  16. Thanks, i already have the template for it ;) But i thought a similar one. Likes the Fishbed
  17. Dear Ed team, It is possible to release a EDM8 format model? Without animation and normal maps.
  18. Convertin my "old" skins for the new model :music_whistling:
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