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  1. Sweet ride PSYKOnz. Glad I was able to help. Looking forward to following in your foot prints one of these days with my own pit. Salute, Punk
  2. No, sorry. The machine with all my Tomcat research died and unable to resurrect at this time. Salute,
  3. Yes, you are correct. Salute, Punk
  4. Sorry for poor quality, only have my crappy cell. Will try to add more info when I find my glasses to be able to read these buggers. Salute, Punk
  5. Man, I lost a hard drive with everything I had collected concerning overall dimensions of the cockpit, so I will have to start from scratch. I have various real instruments and such that I had used to compare measurements and try to get dimensions from. So general dimensions of the instrument panel, side panels seat and interior wall to wall dimensions would help. I am also curious who "we" are and the story of your cockpit. Salute Dude, that is sweet. I now know true jealousy... Do you have a build history somewhere? That is a work of art. Salute
  6. Could it have anything to do with the 'weapons select when moving on/off' on the special options page?
  7. I might have some smaller ones, which types are you looking for? on/off, on/off/on, etc.? Do you have switches or do you need them as well? Large toggle actuators will not fit them. PM me and I will try to find where I put them and let you know if I have any you need. Salute,
  8. Yes, the view in the real plane is great, you look down on the entire nose and such, but this is probably monitor/computer limitations.
  9. I do not remember where these measurements came from, nor can I guarantee they are exact: Panel: 9.75 " x 4.00" Bottom of the panel is 9.00". Angles come in at 3.25" from top Cuts for Master arm and ACM switch is 1.5" x 2.0" ~2.75" from left/right edge for Gun/Prep button. Salute,
  10. Would be nice to see them fit the standard 5.75" panel space minus the dezus rails - so a little larger than the panels, at least for an F-14 throttle. I would have to dig out my A model throttle quadrant for exact dimensions. A larger, detachable base plate is okay, but I would want to add it to a side console. Probably unrealistic, I know. $.02
  11. You can download Chuck’s Guides – DCS F-14B Tomcat at https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-14b-tomcat/. Part 15 – NAV & ACLS Landing section walks you through it I believe. Salute,
  12. Or, you are just transferring your wishes upon someone flying at an air show who is putting on a show. It was not SOP to make the Cat bow to a crowd at the end, but it was done at every airshow I saw an F-14 at. Big difference between fleet day-to-day flying and an airshow demonstration flight. Please dude, drop it. You have received your answer and been shown you can do it if you learn to fly. Stop answering every post, I beg you. End of rant//
  13. I am curious about your source for sweeping wings forward for a merge? I have only read or heard the opposite as there is no danger of damaging anything mechanical trying to overriding the wing sweep schedule in that manner. Salute,
  14. I get it sir, limitations of technology. Was more reminiscing, not complaining. I just loved the view down the nose. :thumbup: Salute, :punk:
  15. Unfortunately it is near impossible from my playing with views to accurately replicate the real cockpit. I had the chance to sit in the Santa Rosa Tomcat and for me it fit like a glove. The view is amazing in the real kitty. It is not all windscreen frames and dash. You could easily see straight down the radome and see the ground in front and to the sides. Seeing around the seat seamed much easier too, but then again, I wasn't wearing flight gear nor under G loads :D. Switches and levers were in easy reach and gauges were easily readable as well. I can only dream of what their views were in fl
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