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  1. For people who may be looking for the answer to this in the future: You must let all of the packages finish.
  2. So a buddy and I started a liberation campaign yesterday, I hosted a server from my computer (not dedicated) and the mission worked great. Whenever I went to sync the end of the mission with Liberation it didn't recognize the file, so I manually synced the states.json file. My issue was that the states.json only contained the results of the client strike, it's like none of the other strikes occurred. Background info, that may be affecting it? 1. I have OS installed on C drive, DCS and the Liberation mod is on a separate D drive. The weird part is my DCS saved games folder is o
  3. Most things are working fine, but the Throttle Slider and Aileron (X-axis) are not working for me. EDIT: Not even the keyboard controls are working for either.
  4. Thank you so much for the profiles. I have been looking for a good one for a while. Eventually I'll upgrade to the X-55, but for right now this work beautifully.
  5. Sodom, I am definitely going to get it because like you I love all things Warbird. Haven't had a chance to check out the 109 or the 190 yet though. Thank you for validating my purchase though it sounds like the campaign could be promising. Very interesting premise for the story too.
  6. I know at this time many people haven't had time to play the new P-51D High Stakes campaign. If you have, what do you think?
  7. So I have actually had a few successful 3 point touchdowns since watching that video, it was very helpful for me. My new problem seems to be steering and keeping straight on the runway. I either end up ground looping or snapping a wing or something. Here is a touchdown, I was pretty happy about, but I lose a wing on the roll. P-51D-FirstLanding(3wheel).trk
  8. So I did my first "successful" landing. I've attached the track below. Any advice and things I need to change would be great. -I know I need to be flaring a little more. -I now know I need to have a trims neutral, I'm assuming you mean elevator trim. Or all trims? Any thing else? Once again thanks for all the help everybody. P-51D-FirstLanding.trk
  9. I've probably spent about an hour in total on the Final Approach instant action trying to land. Unsuccessful thus far, but I'm determined to do it. Thanks for all the advice, I think my main issue is an aggressive flare.
  10. Ok so every time I land I bounce and it causes me to crash. I come in at 90 mph like the tutorial suggests and I still bounce and I flare. Any tips or advice would be nice.
  11. World Tour Trailer: Shows off some of the world terrain. [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dXRKy3zV0k[/ame]
  12. Have you tried putting some deadzone on the switch by going into the "Adjust Control" menu? I don't know if it will work but I would give it a try. Maybe also try setting the Curvature to a more smooth curve.
  13. It really differs from engagement to engagement. -The Gyro Sight can computes the right lead angle from 200 - 800 yards, so you shouldn't have to lead for most engagements when using the Gyro reticle. -When attacking different aircraft it will be most effective if you enter in the plane's wingspan. You can download this image for your kneeboard. To help you with the wingspans of various aircraft in DCS. I believe the wingspan dial is in feet. -Once you have the wingspan set, you set the range dial until the diameter of the gyro sight coincides the wingspan of the enemy in front of you. -
  14. Trailer Released - http://bit.ly/1N4sgrC (YouTube link just didn't want the video player on the post) Pre-Order Available - http://store.steampowered.com/app/441920
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