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  1. I suggest you simply download the game ...sorry simulator :) and try learning free SU-25T module and play campaign. If you have right approach to simulators, you'll be 50+ hours into the learning before you learn to do anything right... by that time you'll also understand what I mean when I say "to do it right". Yes, we're sim enthusiasts and armchair pilots, but there's certain pride in learning and trying to do it to best of what simulator can offer, respecting at least some real world procedures in air combat. Trust me that by that time, you'll understand if it's worth investing into
  2. But not sure we have running cows that can be roped and rounded with helo X) Putting my signature to "we need cows" list X)
  3. Nothing wrong with getting most out of your free time. There are servers that don't do great job in that department, but this are usually 24/7 servers ran by a clan that has it open for it's members and public. If there's no public briefing, members have it. So partially "join to get full experience" catch. However, more often than not, servers that are intended primarily for general DCS public usually have very detailed briefings. People often simply fail to see that briefing within the mission has link to website with full briefing. Even if it does not, usually you'll get r
  4. When people speak of realism, they usually complain about 1 aspect that bothers them (lack of realistic airframe distribution between coalitions, realistic threats, realistic planning, realistic comms, execution, odds, .... you name it) So when put together they them selves could not agree what is right level of realism. Community members that are capable to do everything (i.e. complete package)... willing to spend almost equal time preparing for mission as flying are extremely rare... max. 5% of total community base. I'm talking that from perspective of person that spent
  5. Short status update for all fans of DCS multiplayer. Above mentioned initiative has had very decent spin up (and I was organizing up to 2 events per month. This means that for every single mission there was planning meeting that enabled all participants to co-design campaign development in terms of campaign story, tactics, etc. Attendance was steadily growing and before summer peaked between 20-25 pilots flying. Discord server as aprox. 100 members. I'm looking to attract new mission makers, and as incentive and method to sustain perpetual activity in the group, I'm opening the gr
  6. If possible, I'd like to sign up for A-10C BLUEFOR, but if mission requires or you need to shift me to fill in more slots, I can also do F-15. Callsign: DEVIL 6-1 (or number in flight)
  7. Thanks a lot! :thumbup: Very useful quick calculation method. I always knew ME sets speed in GS, but was not really aware how big differences can occur in weather and different alt.
  8. In case that you: are a member of DCS community for longer time,you have been organizing events that lean from mid to higher realism in terms of planning and flying, then you know how hard, at times, it can be to gather enough dedicated pilots to fly an event. I've been working for some time, on initiative that has aim to consolidate small and fragmented DCS groups, which no doubt have a good chunk of their members being die hard DCS fans, however you struggle to gather adequate number of pilots for an event that would provide enough flights to organize more complex teamwork. I call
  9. 4 SQN RED DEVILS of 11 Tactical Strike Group Looking to recruit for 2-4 experienced pilots, as outlined in brochure. Fill out the form to apply, send PM or comment below for questions. APPLY NOW
  10. DCS I'm experiencing shadow changes or what it would seam sunshine brightness changes on areas. It looks as if rendering can't decide if area is behind mountain and in shadow, or is sun shining directly to specific area without obstacles so there should be no shadow. It's visible from cockpit, but also it seams that looking from external view makes problem worse when changing angle of view.
  11. Since I'm actually at home now and not at work, I can give precise mission trigger data. Unit that triggers mission end is 1st unit of 9 units of convoy. Group name: "Transport Leska-12" Unit name: "Transport Leska-12 head" Trigger is = Unit dead: "Transport Leska-12 head", sets FLAG 4 to ON Once FLAG 4 is ON, in 15 seconds, mission is failed Also there is trigger "Explosion1" which is activated once transport leska-12 is in zone and beside explosion, it activates all enemy ambush unit groups. Total about 48 infantry, excellent skill and all armed with AK-47. RPG's in mission are
  12. I don't find them silly. I find them useful reference to X Which is exactly what renders your comment as not helpful. I'm talking that it's game over after 1 unit is killed. You played the mission so you probably know which one. :huh: Well, gee... thanks. Ambush? :noexpression: You know their location only because you played it before. Thus when you failed first time, next time, it was no longer ambush and you adapted your strategy. Thus, not as mission was intended. You are really sensitive. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. If you can't cope with people
  13. You need to try it in 2.5 and you may learn otherwise. I would say my 20 attempts were decent shot and I will not pretend to be best pilot there is, but also, I'm not newbie :D Not to mention, that idea of ambush is that you don't know where they are, thus second attempt is already kind of cheating if you get into position early and wait. And that is where you're wrong, because in 2.5 (either by design, or due to bug), trigger for mission failure happens when convoy lead APC gets killed (not Sergey). Thus 1 unit gets killed and it's over. I probably could get 50% of convoy throug
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