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  1. Yes, the FPM and ladder are caged when not in nav mode AND when you are around above 10 000ft. It's a fun test, fly with full rudder from low alt to 10 000ft+ and you will the the PFM slowly centering itself.
  2. IMO, when using the manual you will get the most accurate info available, I'm not saying to not use youtube videos, but depending on who is doing them the quality can range from very good to just not useful. And a lot of videos have been done before the system updates so is they were accurate, they are not anymore.
  3. The manual is in your install DCS World/Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Doc/DCS M-2000C Flight Manual EN.pdf The mirage can't carry Mk-84, the AG weapons are Mk-82, Mk-82S, BLG-66 (belugas), GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-24 and rocket pods. There is not mixing possible IRL, no BLG-66 with rockets, no Mk-82 with GBUs, nothing. As I said, you can only mix magics and gun with one other type. Right now there is a bug were some mix are working were they should not. I would advise you stay away from the Grim Reapers if you want to really learn the plane, their tutorials are o
  4. I don't think they are up to date with most of the last changes, you can do them but if you stay stuck on something, most likely it's because it has been updated. I would advise you to read the manual that comes with the module as it is almost up to date with all the changes, or, as you already have, use the chuck guide that is easier/lighter to learn. IIRC the info below is correct, but I might be misremembering some stuff, so if I do, please someone correct me :). So, the aircraft has been designed in the 70s as a interceptor with secondary AG capabilit
  5. You can just try to switch your install to release, and test if it works then.
  6. Have you tried a repair ? Are you on OB or release ?
  7. Ok, I will try to test it. Were you able to do the 2 first mission of the campaign without problems ?
  8. Are you tuning to the correct radio with the battery on ? I think you need to press spacebar to trigger the dialog. Did you read the briefing that is displayed before the mission start ?
  9. Yes, it's indicated in a lot of places that the campaign does not work with the easy coms option, so you need to disable it.
  10. Do you have the easy coms option activated ? Have you at minimum switched your battery on ?
  11. It's the pull-up cue as you said, but it's bugged right now, you need to turn your radar altimeter on for it to disappear.
  12. Are you aligning your INS ? Are you not forcing the plane to use the "horizon secour" mode ?
  13. I looked into the problem and comparing Sedenion's file to the default files I found where it is coming from : Those tow dashes are the source of the problem. So I made a JSGME fix for this with only the two dashes removed, using Sedenion's mod fixes it too : M-2000C Bullseye fix.rar Just put the "M-2000C Bullseye fix" folder in your JSGME folder, activated it and VOILA !
  14. That's interesting, thanks for the info.
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