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  1. I already reported it here : But I did not catch the difference in azimut, good catch.
  2. And you should not have any issues without wind and drift :). Updates are coming on this front as the dev is working on this. So if you find something it could help :).
  3. That's your problem, why can't you just put the throttle in IDLE ? It's the same with all the other aircraft.
  4. So the problem is with the excessive drift rate and not the wind ?
  5. IMO it is linked to the INS speed bug, so should be fixed next update.
  6. There is also a bug with the roll command wings, you should wait for the next update and try again.
  7. Are you sure you are talking about the green radio ? I have the problem you are talking about but on the red radio. The Red radio is the one closer to the nose of the aircraft, the one that only have presets and only uses UHF.
  8. The rotation speeds per load-out are in the manual. @Bersagliere81 Your load-out is invalid, you should not take 530D with bombs, but your rotation speed should be around 140kts.
  9. The mirage INS is designed to have its waypoints altitude be at ground level. Editing the altitude of your waypoints to be at your planned flying altitude is not SOP, but nothing prevents you from doing it. WIth the above in mind the waypoint altitude is limited to 25000ft.
  10. Guys, we need a track and a bug report so the devs can reprosuce and fix the issur. Mikeck, what you said does not exclude a hardware problem, even more if it happen to you the the F-18 as well.
  11. I think you are mistaken, TAS (Télémétrie Air-Sol) is for radar ranging and RS (Radio Sonde) is for radar altimeter.
  12. Before the update the INS update worked perfectly irrelevant of your fix accuracy. As long as you were within 15nm of the INS waypoint and made a fix it would reset the drift prefectly. Now when you make a fix, your position matter in the fix accuracy. It means that if you make your fix over the waypoint real location, it will be good and decrease the drift. But if you make a fix far from your waypoint real location, you can worsen your INS drift. Tell me if you need me to go more in depth about the system.
  13. If that's the case, the fix would be to add a small deadzone at the idle position of your throttle.
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