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  1. Greetings, I've had this issue thru multiple updates and can't figure it out. I can fly with the Oculus fine. Nice frame rates etc but my issue is that when I go into map mode (F10) and then exit, it tanks my FPS. It makes the sim unflyable. I have tried lowering my PD, updated all drivers, multiple switches thrown to try and find the cause and made changes to nVidia control panel. Still can't figure out the issue. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hey Sparky, I'm new to the mission editing and such as well. I use Oculus RIFT and I have major issues flying the sim at night. It's something I need to figure out. Is there a way to make this a day mission?
  3. I'm obviously not understanding the different install instructions for different mods so is there a program that will install these in the correct position? I tried to install a US NAVY DECK CREW mod and cant get it to work. Some of us are not computer programmers.
  4. I had been using easy comms but now have them turned off. I'm trying to understand a few things here and after reading tons, I still have a couple questions. 1) Typically, who do you communicate with using COMM 1 and also COMM 2? Are they set to where lets say COMM 1 would do all ATC and Comm 2 for wingman / tanker etc? 2) I loaded a mission someone made and no frequencies were listed. How do I know which frequency to dial in to communicate? I can pull up the airfield freq. but cant find the tanker or AWACS. Thanks for the help.
  5. I've been dealing with this for awhile and cant seem to figure it out. During a mission, after about 10 minutes or so I lose the ability to bring up the COMMS menu. I have this mapped as "" and also a button on my X-55. It has worked for a long time but now, I lose the ability to bring up the menu. I can't even bring it up using the \ key. It was happening during one mission so I figured there was an error in the mission but last night, it happened in another one. I have: Updated MB BIOS Updated Graphics driver. Switched around using different USB ports going from 2.0 to 3.0 with no change
  6. Procrastinator... I sent you a PM. Still cant get comms to work.
  7. Can you tell me if I have this in the correct position in my saved games directory?
  8. I see some posts where there are tons of other aircraft, gear and people onboard the carrier. Where do I get these and how do I install them? Thanks
  9. Hey Procrastinator55, I was running the mission which is great but I cannot use my COMMS menu and was unable to link up with the tanker. Not sure if this is a problem on my end or the mission. All my key / stick bindings are the same and I'm running the single player mission. Any ideas?
  10. I think they are AI as the forst one that did it was a F14. Today, it was a F18. Both were sitting on the Starboard front elevator L2
  11. Seems the F-14s on deck float up and down with the pitch of the deck. Anyone else see this?
  12. The ABORT call was right after I launched. About to fly it again.
  13. AH OK! I saw that and selected it after I fired the first missile and got the ABORT message. I think the order in which I selected it was probably off. I will refly it later and report back. Thanks
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