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  1. So I got the Kh58's and the 25MPU's to miss again. In the debriefing it says they hit but in game they hit nothing. New Track.trk
  2. So I just played the same mission again and now nothing is wrong. All the SEAD missiles hit there targets and the Vikhrs destroyed Avengers like they were nothing. I'm sorry for wasting everyone time apparently, if it happens again I will be sure to save the track.
  3. Its updated to what ever the latest version is, 1.2.2 I believe. How can I get the track for you? I can get some screen shots.
  4. I know it takes two vikhrs to kill an Abrams. I'm shooting a humvee and an Avenger with vikhrs and the missiles do no damage on direct hits. The humvee does not explode and the solders next to it do not get hurt. Also the Kh-58 and 25MPU anti radiation SEAD missiles ALWAYS miss their targets by a hair inch and do no damage. I have DCS world installed with A10C activated. No mods at all.
  5. I hope in the future there will be an option to tell the tower you are coming in for an emergency landing and have them reply back with which runways are immediately clear. I've limped back to base after a SAM hit and having the dialog options with the tower for an emergency landing would really complete the immersion. Sorry if this has already been posted I did not find anything with the search function.
  6. I hate the F/A 18 super hornet. Its such a bland aircraft with nothing special about it. It is a jack of all trades but a master of none.
  7. Exactly! :D I'm open to other craft also, I just dislike the F-16 and F/A-18 for various reasons one is the fact that neither of the two can achieve mach 2. If it can't achieve mach 2 then I am not interested. I know speed is not everything to a plane but the F15E can achieve mach 2.5+. I know that is whne its empty of course but that's much better than mach 1.8 (Super Hornet).
  8. And that is the reason I feel its bland, there is nothing special about it. It does everything. Like a man of many trades master of none.
  9. Everyone is voting for the crappy super hornet. I hate that plane. :cry:
  10. Don't know if this has been posted or not. I didn't find anything with the forum search. When going through the engine start up training mission when you get to the point where you have to close the canopy the canopy will not close and the mission will not continue. I closed the canopy with the keyboard short cuts and the mission still would not continue.
  11. so far I am Extremely impressed at how accurate the roads are for the Las Vegas area. I was actually able to find my cross streets and the texture of my house! I know a good bit about mapping but I don't have the software to use. I would love to help build the city. If you guys have any questions about places and what they look like I would love to help.
  12. So easy a caveman could do it! :megalol:
  13. I live in Las Vegas and I wonder if I can fly over my house. =]
  14. I think they should just set off a sub kiloton nuke under/next to the well head.
  15. Just to let you guys know, I bought a GTX480 BTW
  16. Well, I found the stats in the game files for the 105mm howitzer and copyed them over and it was impressive! However there IS a 155mm Howitzer >_> (insert mad scientist laugh here) Only thing I'm not sure of is how much recoil to induce.
  17. Changing the GAU8 to a 105mm Howitzer now. Will post results!
  18. Just wanted to let you guys know that you helped me out a lot and I'm actually worlds better with the F15. :thumbup: The tactic I've been using to achieve Kills, Climbing to 42k with full after burner and three drop tanks use rest of drop tank fuel with after burners to gain speed, Fuel tanks run out, I drop the tanks then set throttle to cruise. Then I set radar to TWS mode, set range 40,change the scan zone and look for bandits.:thumbup:
  19. Well I uninstalled FC2 then used modman to instsall the mod but I still have the invisible plane problem. Well I cant get it to work, oh well. I'll just deal with the normal F15C model.
  20. I did not know that, thank you.
  21. What did I do wrong? Theres no other mods, I'm using 1.0.2
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