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  1. I saw this same issue on another thread. But the issue I'm having with the F14 is that when I am playing in VR I use the VR hands option (Oculus Touch). However I have had to switch to TrackIR and no VR because the issue I am having is that the controllers are creating unintended actions. here is a link to the other thread that is having the same issue as I. LINK I would like to see this get fixed if at all possible as it has kinda killed the way I love to play the game.
  2. I've got the same thing going on here. I would love to fly the bird in VR but this issue has kinda killed it for me. I have been flying with TrackIR for the time being. Just wish Heatblur would fix it.
  3. Is it possible to update to the 2.5 open beta from the 2.5 stable branch without having to re-install completely? If so, how? Thanks
  4. How would I do that without having to completely reinstall?
  5. So I saw the Terrain in the module manager when I launch the game. However, when the module goes to install I get an error. The error is "Unknown Module PERSIAN_GULF_terrain" here is the log: === Log opened UTC 2018-05-23 14:08:45 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.17134; Win64; en-US) INFO : cmdline: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --apply install PERSIAN_GULF_terrain STATUS: Initializing... INFO : basedir: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,POLYCHOPSIM_SA342,RAZBAM_M-2000C,L-39,MIG-15BIS,F-86F,A-10C,F86-MIG15-RELIC_campaign,MIG-21BIS) INFO : branch: STATUS: Connecting to update servers... INFO : Got reply from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com INFO : Got reply from srv11update.digitalcombatsimulator.com STATUS: Verifying cached version info... STATUS: Preparing to install PERSIAN_GULF_terrain ... ERROR: Unknown module PERSIAN_GULF_terrain === Log closed. Image of Error: https://mega.nz/#!y9lzFJZT!FK93gah5b1-hNAZ57DysgnUal-2knPSPE9fll_4sXlI
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