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  1. Of course I will add! Thank you! Будьте здоровы и берегите себя!!!!
  2. Thank you. Reasons for fast delivery, the opening of regular flights between our countries from April 1.
  3. Added. Thanks. Please enter your country.
  4. Hello, The program and firmware are updated several times. To install the new Virpil program and controller firmware, download the latest version from the official website. https://virpil.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/47001164128-vpc-software-setup-version-20210102-patch My recommendation, before installing the program, remove the old version from Windows. You can find the device profile on the first page of the discussion. Remember that the profile for my device is not in the Virpil database. It must be installed from the folder where you save it. Since last fall, when Virpil software and controller firmware are updated, device profiles have been working correctly and do not need to be changed. When changing the firmware, it may be necessary to physically disconnect the USB connector from the computer. Do this if the process stops for a long time. This is how the picture should look after completing the installation of the controller firmware. This is normal since my device profile is not in the program's database. Click OK and the program will automatically take you to the profile setup page. After installing the device profile, be sure to press the green "save VPC device" button and calibrate the axes.
  5. Added. Thanks. I will ask a question about controllers and will let you know in a PM.
  6. As I wrote above and showed the photo, the button block is rigidly connected by the throttle stick mechanism. The most you can do is change the lid. 2 more buttons can be connected to the board located in the button block. There are 20 of them in total. You can connect another 3 such boards and 15 buttons to the controller itself using a diode circuit + 5 axes. To save production time, I now get controllers with the minimum number of contact groups required.
  7. Hi, Added. Thanks. 2 months or so
  8. Yes, that's right, maybe a little more or less.
  9. I put you on the list. Thank you. There is enough data so far. Expect a message from me that the device is ready for you. In the PM on this forum.
  10. Hello gentlemen, Added. Thanks. Yes, I will let you know when the device is fully operational and shipped to you. PayPal, everything else after my message.
  11. No, I didn’t think and I will not. I know him. He has a very big drawback, after a short downtime, he starts to move in a jerk, which is not suitable for use in Сollective.
  12. Hello, Added. Thanks. The approximate period is 2 months, taking into account the queue.
  13. Added. Please indicate your country, you can in PM Thanks.
  14. Excellent. I mainly use the names for Russian helicopters. What you call an MI-8 choke is called a corrector. Sets the minimum and maximum engine speed values. Colletive - handle step gas (RSHG) Increasing the angle of attack of the blades (stick up, increasing the propeller pitch) simultaneously increases engine speed and power. I was thinking about making replaceable pens. But so far this is very difficult to implement, while maintaining the simplicity of functionality and size so that the device can be correctly positioned on the chair. I hope that the insight will reach me))))
  15. It's hard for me to write correctly, google translator)))) I'd better show you.
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