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  1. Hi, Added. Thanks. I ask you to be patient, there are a lot of people, but I only have two hands))).
  2. Greetings gentlemen pilots. This message is not specific to the collective, but it might be helpful to someone. I am flying VR Pimax Artisan. I have poor eyesight, age. Wearing glasses under a helmet is very uncomfortable. I have designed inserts. SLT models in zip. The lower part of the insert is glued with 0.5-1 mm double-sided tape to the helmet lens. The top is attached with magnets. (diameter 3 mm. height 2 mm -12 pcs.) To make lenses in a workshop, you need a template. It is specially designed for use on a lens cutter. Lens blank with a diameter of 65 mm or more. Use to make PD 64 lenses. Lenses come with PD helmet adjuster. Вставки для линз Pimax.rar
  3. Added. Thanks. Hi Delta302, Added,Thanks. 220 $ + 65 $ shipping to the USA. I have no plans to make build kits. The assembly process is quite complex and time consuming.
  4. Hello Production and delivery time is about 3 months. (2 + 1) Mikhail
  5. Может кому пригодится. Сделал себе вставки для линз на Артисан. Линза съемная, можно снять протереть линзы очков и шлема. Нижняя часть крепится к линзам шлема двухстороннем вспененным скотчем толщиной 0,5-1 мм. Верхняя и нижняя часть вставки соединяется с помощью круглых магнитов Д 3мм, В 2 мм - 12шт. Для изготовления линз в мастерской нужен шаблон, что бы станок мог его сканировать и вырезать линзы из болванок. Шаблон рассчитан на PD 64 и диаметр болванки линзы 65мм. Свой PD делать не надо, вставки двигаются вместе с линзами шлема при регулировки PD. Вставки для линз Pimax.rar
  6. Thanks a lot, Reed! It's a pleasure to read. Pleasant flight!
  7. Of course I will add! Thank you! Будьте здоровы и берегите себя!!!!
  8. Thank you. Reasons for fast delivery, the opening of regular flights between our countries from April 1.
  9. Added. Thanks. Please enter your country.
  10. Hello, The program and firmware are updated several times. To install the new Virpil program and controller firmware, download the latest version from the official website. https://virpil.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/47001164128-vpc-software-setup-version-20210102-patch My recommendation, before installing the program, remove the old version from Windows. You can find the device profile on the first page of the discussion. Remember that the profile for my device is not in the Virpil database. It must be installed from the folder where you save it. Since last fall, when Virpil software and controller firmware are updated, device profiles have been working correctly and do not need to be changed. When changing the firmware, it may be necessary to physically disconnect the USB connector from the computer. Do this if the process stops for a long time. This is how the picture should look after completing the installation of the controller firmware. This is normal since my device profile is not in the program's database. Click OK and the program will automatically take you to the profile setup page. After installing the device profile, be sure to press the green "save VPC device" button and calibrate the axes.
  11. Added. Thanks. I will ask a question about controllers and will let you know in a PM.
  12. As I wrote above and showed the photo, the button block is rigidly connected by the throttle stick mechanism. The most you can do is change the lid. 2 more buttons can be connected to the board located in the button block. There are 20 of them in total. You can connect another 3 such boards and 15 buttons to the controller itself using a diode circuit + 5 axes. To save production time, I now get controllers with the minimum number of contact groups required.
  13. Hi, Added. Thanks. 2 months or so
  14. Yes, that's right, maybe a little more or less.
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