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  1. Hey Slackjaw, Thanks. I will email you the details.
  2. Thanks. I'm glad you like it, and it helps you enjoy helicopter flying, albeit a virtual one.
  3. Hello, Yes, I can ship to the UK. Details will be sent to the PM.
  4. Hello, Yes, it is available. I will send you information to the PM.
  5. Hi Marcel, I have sent you a letter to the specified address. Thank you for your interest. Regards, Mikhail.
  6. There are no links, I will write you all the details in the PM.
  7. Hello gentlemen. Maybe someone knows the angles of rotation collective on the Huey and AN-64D. I need a lift angle from the bottom stop to the top. These are of course technical parameters that are difficult to find. I searched for MI-8 for a very long time, found several parameters by which I already calculated what I needed.
  8. Gentlemen, I have accepted your applications. Thanks. Details I will write to you in PM
  9. Hello LegeinEi, Added. Thanks. I sent more information to the PM.
  10. Hello, Added. Thanks. I sent more information to the PM.
  11. Added. Thanks. I sent more information to the PM.
  12. I think fans of helicopters and owners of pedals VIRPIL will be interesting.
  13. Modified for VIRPIL pedals (one axle / three axles) to make life easier for helicopter enthusiasts. The refinement is a damping mechanism with adjustable force. With the loading levers removed, the pedals remain in the position in which you put them, the position change occurs with a force that can be adjusted. This improves control accuracy, there is no need to oppose the loading mechanism, the legs do not get tired, there is no need to use the trimmer and return to the center of the pedal. And most importantly, you always see and feel how your pedals are deflected. The pedals on the Mi-24 work in a similar way. Suitable for all types of helicopters. Loading levers and aircraft springs can be retained. With this use, you have an effort to turn the pedals already at small angles from the center, the pendulum effect is completely eliminated when the pedals are suddenly released, and parasitic movements when shifting the legs on the pedals are practically excluded. 20 euros + shipping. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Roman (Baur) for providing them with the necessary dimensions and to Andrey (Андрей 834) for using his pedals for refinement and testing.
  14. No, I used a similar cape. But I didn't like that she was constantly fidgeting and I took it apart and inserted the electric motors into the chair.
  15. Great cockpit !!!!!! You are using a vibrating cape on a car seat. Maybe you will like this option.
  16. Added. Thanks. I will send additional information to the PM.
  17. Произвел небольшое изменение. Заменил болты крепления основания на винты. Теперь при использовании загрузки пружины ходят без посторонних звуков.
  18. Added. Thanks. I will send additional information to the PM.
  19. If you are asking my opinion, then I would not use a chair that rotates to play air simulators. This will interfere with pedal control. Personally, I use a car seat with a little adjustment. I cut the side supports and shortened the front. But this is my personal opinion, everyone chooses the option that is convenient for themselves. A bracket is included with the device for easy installation. You will have to figure out how to fix it on the chair. Now I am testing the adapter so that I can correctly install the collective on this type of chair. I need more time.
  20. Added. Thanks. The device works with any stick, it is independent.
  21. This is not customs, these are the first carriers who apparently shoved your box into the far corner. And after a magic kick from my side, they immediately found it.
  22. This wheel is equipped with a simple variable resistor, so there is no adjustment here. Alternatively, you can put an insert made of felt or something similar inside the wheel.
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