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  1. If you are asking my opinion, then I would not use a chair that rotates to play air simulators. This will interfere with pedal control. Personally, I use a car seat with a little adjustment. I cut the side supports and shortened the front. But this is my personal opinion, everyone chooses the option that is convenient for themselves. A bracket is included with the device for easy installation. You will have to figure out how to fix it on the chair. Now I am testing the adapter so that I can correctly install the collective on this type of chair. I need more time.
  2. Added. Thanks. The device works with any stick, it is independent.
  3. This is not customs, these are the first carriers who apparently shoved your box into the far corner. And after a magic kick from my side, they immediately found it.
  4. This wheel is equipped with a simple variable resistor, so there is no adjustment here. Alternatively, you can put an insert made of felt or something similar inside the wheel.
  5. Hi Marcel, Added. Thanks.
  6. Don't be afraid, it's hard to break. I will make a separate review of how to make it a little weaker. Added. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for your feedback. This is very useful information for me. Apparently you have applied a very large force to the bolt of the fastening bracket. This is the first time I've seen this. I'll take that into account. Inside the body there is a socket that holds these bolts and allows them to be tightened without resorting to additional efforts. One bolt has popped out of its socket. It must be returned to its place and then the case will be fastened easily and securely. The two bolts must move synchronously in the groove. By settings in X Plain I have flown this simulator. Tinctures for the axis can be made similar to the DKS. It has the same function. The only inconvenience is to do it on the monitor and not in VR. I tried to cut off the axis for about an hour, in the end I did it on the monitor in a minute. The handle is a throttle and rotates 90 degrees. You may think that it does not move, but it is not, it turns tightly, so that you would not accidentally turn it during the flight. Also, after a long downtime, additional effort must be made to move it. I usually set it in the middle position, so that you can twist it with effort in both directions. To be sure, start twisting clockwise. And the axis on the right side of the button block is an option for zoom.
  8. Added. Thanks. There is no need to pay in advance, everything is after a message from me that the device is ready for you. I will write the details in the PM.
  9. Strange, everyone had hats. Apparently the customs liked it very much)))) I'll send you a new one.
  10. Есть возможность, но 100% не дам. Там могут отличаться размеры.
  11. Может быть интересно для любителей МИ-8 и 24, да и других вертолетов.
  12. Сделана доработка для педалей VIRPIL (одна ось/три оси), для облегчение жизни любителям вертолетов. Доработка представляет из себя механизм демпфирования с регулируемым усилием. При снятых рычагах загрузки педали остаются в том положении в которое вы их поставили, изменение положения происходит с усилием, которое можно регулировать. Это повышает точность управления, нет необходимости противодействовать механизму загрузки, ноги не устают, не нужно задействовать триммер и возвращать в центр педали. А главное вы всегда видите и чувствуете как у вас отклонены педали. Аналогично работают педали на Ми-24. Подойдет для всех типов вертолетов. Так же можно сохранить рычаги загрузки и пружины для полетов на самолетах. При таком использовании у вас появляется усилие для поворота педалей уже на небольших углах от центра, полностью исключается эффект маятника при резком отпускании педалей и практически исключаются паразитные перемещения при перестановке ног на педалях. 1500 руб + доставка.
  13. Unfortunately, this happens. But don't worry, I keep track of all shipments and make requests for mail when problems arise.
  14. Thanks. It was really, really fast. Thanks! I am especially pleased that the delivery to your country went smoothly.
  15. Hello gentlemen. I apologize for the delay in order fulfillment. I am starting to send notifications for orders placed in the month of June. Regards, Mikhail.
  16. Hello, Added. Thanks. You can find many answers in this thread or write to me in PM. Ask I will try to answer them as quickly and in detail as possible.
  17. Gospada I answered you in PM Thanks.
  18. Шайбы должно быть М5 3 шт. и М6 4 шт. М6 для замены вместо рычагов загрузки, как на фото выше, так сказать по желанию.
  19. Пружину оставить можно, в комплекте педалей их две. На педалях с фото можно поставить и будет работать короткая и жесткая на ближних к центру местах. Идет доработка механизма с учетом того, что бы была возможность установки всех пружин комплекта.
  20. Hello, Added. Thanks. Thanks! Wow cool cockpit !!!!!
  21. Нет, это механизм тормозящий самопроизвольное вращение педалей.
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