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  1. Hi ckd, I do not like to predict the timing, now because of kavid everything is very unpredictable. I wrote that usually it is 2-3 months, now the terms have been slightly reduced by 1.5-2. Hope you get a message from me in a couple of weeks.
  2. Sorry, but I haven't received anything.
  3. Hi Prime1988, Performed. I will report readiness. Thank.
  4. Thank you gentlemen for the reviews and photos. I am very glad that my efforts bring you pleasure and that you like the device. Delivery in 13-15 days is fast, compared to last year, when it was expected to arrive 1-1.5 months. Health and safety to you. Pleasant flight. Best regards, Mikhail K-51
  5. Fine. Thank you, gentlemen, for reporting the arrival of the device safe and sound. I hope Collective gives you many hours of enjoyable flying. Best regards, Mikhail K-51
  6. Hi Now the production time is 1.5-2 months. Hi Tom, answered in PM Thank.
  7. Hello, Ok, Expect messages from me. Thank.
  8. Hello, Ok, Expect messages from me. Thank.
  9. Received. I'll let you know when it's ready for you. Thank. Take care of yourself!
  10. Hello, I have accepted your application. Thank. I'll let you know when it's ready for you. P.S. No need to write your email address in the general subject. This is personal information.
  11. Hello, I like to buy one K51 collective , how do I do that ?

    Living in Norway.

    Best regards:  steinbergum@hotmail.com

  12. Yes, the reality of life ..... But now it has somehow improved. Last year, the waiting period for dispatch was 1.5-2 months. Anti-record delivery time of 6 months in the USA, delivery in late February, receipt in mid-July. Thank you man for your patience.
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