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  1. Gyro, Fat, thank you both for giving this some attention. This looks like one of those glitches that's going to be a PITA to pin down. I have a powered USB3 card (that has it's own direct connection to the PC power supply) plugged into my motherboard that I can try. SgtNathan, I also just realized that I'm running an Intel 7700k processor with hyperthreading disabled in the BIOS. You aren't running with hyperthreading disabled as well, by any chance? I'm going to try turning hyperthreading back on in BIOS and see if that changes anything.
  2. I can confirm this removed the input lag! I still need to try and measure differences in FPS/frame time to confirm what you report there. Thank you SgtNathan! I consider this to be an improvement. I wonder what is going on that's giving us these issues, yet Fat Creeson can't duplicate them?
  3. Well, looks like access to these files has been removed. At least, they aren't in the Scripts\Database\Weapons folder anymore.
  4. I am champing at the bit to buy this either premade or even just for access to the plans and code to make it work!
  5. It's annoying since, if you change loadout during a mission, you can't rearm with MK-20s. Even if you select the same preset again.
  6. I just discovered this issue as well. Any updates on possible solutions? The FFB guy at Heatblur doesn't seem to be able to detect the problem on his system.
  7. I have amended the original post to include pressing the esc key repeatedly in the "How to Reproduce" section. This makes the issue obvious, whereas it might otherwise briefly escape notice. Note that the delay here can be as much as two seconds. I can confirm this does not occur with any other module, including others that make use of FFB, including the F-5E and Spitfire. It can also be reproduced in the Free Flight instant action mission, though it seems to take some maneuvering for it to show up. Again, repeatedly pressing esc key makes this apparent. As soon as lag is seen pressi
  8. This happens only with the F-14. I have most of the modules and this doesn't happen with anything but the F-14. This is a recent issue for me. New GPU (6900XT), new VR headset (Reverb G2) is all that's changed on my system. Never had this problem before with the F-14 and my force feedback stick. Could someone with a MS Force Feedback 2 joystick run the F-14 Dogfight Instant Action mission briefly and confirm that I'm the only one experiencing this issue? It'll take about 5 minutes.
  9. Updated: It's caused by Force Feedback. Turning off force feedback completely eliminates the issue. Also, if something happens to interrupt force feedback, i.e. the stick stops receiving force data and goes limp, the input lag goes away. This is new, as I've been using force feedback since the F-14 launch and never had this problem. Either this was introduced in one of the recent patches, or it's some weird interaction with the AMD 6900XT.
  10. EDIT: I determined conclusively that this is caused by activating force feedback. Turning off force feedback eliminates the issue completely. It seems likely that this is caused either by something introduced in the last couple of patches or it's related to my new AMD 6900XT. Bug: 0.5 second control input lag when force feedback is on and Microsoft Force Feedback 2 stick is in use. All controls including keyboard affected. Also affects opening menus ex. Esc to open menu. Can I reproduce it 100%: Yes. 100%. Just turn on force feedback and play any mission with the F-14A or B with
  11. After this latest update, I found that my joystick's trigger was unmapped. I discovered this early in my test and remapped it. No ordnance other than the gun will release/launch. Procedures checked: 1. Weapons on board 2. Master Arm on 3. Bomb/Rocket selected on weapon panel (light under button lit) 4. Fuse and ripple settings set 5. Radar on, TAS selected 6. Weapon Systemcmd Forward pressed 7. Put HUD aiming symbol on target 8. Pull trigger Also checked select jettison: weapons no longer release after selecting a weapon, activating select jettison, and squeezing t
  12. Outstanding! This is desperately needed. Real Russian SAM systems, and SAM operators, are the finest in the world and far more threatening than most players of DCS have come to appreciate. Truly threatening SAM systems with more realistic behavior and capabilities will make DCS a superior simulation, and will be needed for any future Dynamic Campaign anyway. This is exciting news. For what it's worth, I send my thanks to the team and especially to everyone who pushed this idea.
  13. What you're describing is the reprojection kicking in. Basically, your frame rate is getting too low, so the drivers for your reverb G2 are using predictive algorithms to insert "fake" frames to help keep the video from getting choppy. The blurriness is because the predictive algorithm isn't perfect and can't perfectly predict exactly how everything should look. You'll need to try reducing graphics settings and consider reducing your VR resolution by going to the VR tab in DCS settings and changing the "PD" setting to something less than 1. Try 0.8 to start and reduce from there until thi
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