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  1. Lou shang de ren wo ren shi ,ta shi xu ni hong ying biao yan dui de ,Ga Ga~~
  2. I looks like ED's ka-50 model.
  3. Because mig29 can slow down parachute umbrella. SU-33 can not.
  4. J10A MOD update 2009:megalol::smilewink:
  5. I would be to ask everyone,if I have questions.thx:thumbup::pilotfly:
  6. What is theft?For example,before release the A10 MOD 's MAX file from to the network, I have the A10 MOD 3DS file.Although the modified. Is this not called theft?
  7. Of course, I should continue to do F14D.But not this F14D, I would like to draw new F14D.Because I think the FS model is not reliable.Although the F14 of IRIS is very beautiful, copyright belongs to IRIS.:) Someone said before me it is stealing someone else's model, I do not think so, we should blame on the output model to look for a patch release of the person.
  8. IRIS PRO F14B??D??E?? :() :lol::lol:
  9. This f14d have 76000 polyies.
  10. New version F-14D MOD will be landing LOCK ON. :D:D
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