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  1. RLG is an North American group that flies DCS BETA version. You can find us at www.rlgaming.com Right now, we're flying modified versions Surrexen's persistent COOP missions and train on Through the Inferno Syria. We play on PG, Caucuses, Syria, and NTTR maps. We use teamspeak 3 for communication and so you’ll need a working microphone. We have members on the West coast, East coast, from the middle of the U.S., and Canada. Tuesday is our practice night and Wednesday night more of us show up for missions. We're a fairly easy going group. We don't take ourselves too seriously. Even so,
  2. Having the same problem here. Can't read my DDI's and HMD in the F/A-18. Everything is too faint. Needs a hotfix.
  3. Same problem with F/A 18 HMD and DDI's Flew for a bit today and found that the DDI's were faint and really impossible to read in sun glare. HMD was especially faint despite being on the highest brightness setting.
  4. Can't Uncage Mavs I'm Bones' wingman and I also had this issue. Perhaps I didn't let the mavs warm up long enough, but I doubt it. I think I started to warm them well before target. I couldn't select the DDI with my Mav page open as my sensor of interest. I went back to A2A and then back to A2G mode. I finaly had control of the Mav page and could slew the Mav's eye. However, the missile would not fire off the rail. My plane had suffered no damage during flight.
  5. Okay thanks. That's what I thought. Appreciate it.
  6. Hi, Wondering if when I create SAM sites, I must set them to "weapons free"? I know that the SAM units are complete. But, will they not engage me if I do give them a standing "weapons free" order to do so? Thanks, Grifter-RLG
  7. Ah that’s a bummer. I normally crest backups as I go but I was in such a tear I hadn’t done so. I was, in fact, saving the mission to then make a copies as a backup! Dang it. Guess I’ll start over then. Thanks for the info; this the first time this has ever happened to me with the ME. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. HI, I was nearly finished creating a mission in the Mission Editor. I normally save every five minutes or so, and then create a backup. I was about to create the backup, actually. I saved the file but the ME wouldn't close. I shut DCS down and when I came back in, the ME file browser does not see the mission even though it's present in the folder in the Windows 10 File Browser. I tried making copies and opening them, but the ME doesn't see any of them. The file seems to be corrupted. Any way I can open it? It be a shame to lose all that work. Thanks. Grifter-RLG
  9. Hi, I think the most recent update to DCS has broken your script. I'm getting a chunk error when I use it in the missions I make. The error is resolved by removing your script. Any chance, you're planning to update it? Thanks for all your hard work! Grifter-RLG
  10. Yes, as this was a separate issue, having isolated and achieved the hover, I thought it prudent to make a separate post dedicated to the switch waypoint issue. I think I follow what you’re suggesting; however, the way I had it previously set wasn’t working. I’ll mess around with it a bit more using your suggestion to add a stock condition. However I think I already have a stop condition on the orbit itself that is creating the hover effect. So the stop condition command is already taken out with it just stopping the orbit itself and making the helicopter hover. If I can’t get it to work, I’
  11. Got it to work! Thanks Eno! In case anyone else is struggling with this, here is what I did: 1. Originally I only had two waypoints for this unit: 0 and 1. I decided to add an additional waypoint: 0, 1, and 2. 2. I set the chopper to spawn upon the part of the coalition entering zone, and that worked. Then at initial waypoint 0, I set it to racetrack orbit between 0 and 1. 3. Although it may not be necessary because it is already in a larger zone that triggered it's spawing, I set inside a smaller trigger zone dedicated to getting the chopper to hover. 4
  12. I'm still having problems with the AI helicopter not switching its waypoint. I want it to leave its orbit after a certain time has elapsed. I have the following: 1. Helicopter is set to spawn over the burning tanker upon Part of the Coalition entering the trigger zone. This works. 2. Helicopter then orbits burning tanker (because for the life of me I can't get it to hover! @#&)#%!) This also works. 3. I set a Perform Command to Switch Waypoint. The waypoint spawns and orbits on initial waypoint 0. I set the condition in the Switch Waypoint command to elapsed tim
  13. Hey Eno, Thanks for replying. I will give it a try. I've been messing with flags on and off under stop condition, and haven't been successful. Perhaps the speed at zero is the difference maker, I dunno. Hopefully it will work. Then, hopefully, I can switch waypoint once a certain condition is met. But, the thing is that the when I set the command to switch waypoint and fill out the necessary info, the line item in the window still lists a question mark. So I'm missing something or other. Anyway, I appreciate your suggestion and will give it a try.
  14. Hi, I'm building a mission, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting the AI helicopter to do two things: 1.⁠hover for a certain period of time has elapsed OR a condition is met. 2.⁠Once that time has elapsed or the condition is met, I want it to switch to the next waypoint so it will RTB. Can anyone tell me or direct me to instructions on how to set this up? I've messed with triggers, flags, time more, but I haven't figured out the right combination. I've placed the helo in orbit around the ship since I can't get it to hover. It's not ideal, but I would accept that if it would then tr
  15. I had BS1 with the BS2 upgrade installed and working just fine. Was on my profile page at digitalcombatsimulator.com and saw you could enter both licenses and consolidate down to one license for BS2. Now every time I load DCS, I get prompted to bind the license to my account. It's a pain and it slows my loading time to the game's main menu. I tried using the registry key editor that wipes out the registry for BS2 as indicated on DCS support page: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/564/#1780273 But no joy. I also used the module manager to shut the module off and tu
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