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  1. I... actually have no idea, but you're absolutely right, they wouldn't have scanlines, they'd have other artifacts related to the refresh rate and flickering.


    Exactly. And the lovely phosphor glow and highlighted corners of geometrical shapes etc., that can't ever be simulated in a good way.

    Anyone that played Asteroids on an original arcade machine knows what I'm talking about :D


    (or spent hours in an electronics shop using a good old oscilloscope)

    (or used to be a pilot back then when these radars or displays where common)

  2. They really shot some Swedish aircraft down?

    I wasn't aware of that..


    Yes, a DC-3 surveillance aircraft (or spy plane if you like) was shot down over the Baltic sea at 1952. There was a lot of secrets regarding this, since the mission was to gather data about new Russian radars and so on. Not appreciated by the people in east...

    It just disappeared and no one really knew what happened. The full story was revealed just a few years ago and the aircraft is now found and salvaged (and put in to a museum).

    During the search for the crew of the DC-3 a Catalina was shot at and had to crash land in the water. However that crew survived.


    Some more information here:


  3. Well, depending on the battery type there are different discharge curves, and some that are almost going from full to none. However I doubt the battery technology used in those planes back then would do like that... I would say that simulation is not correct here. Others might need to correct me with hard facts.

  4. Also keep in mind that there where some real incidents with Swedish aircrafts (DC-3 and Catalina) being shot down in that specific region by Russian MIG-15's during the cold war.


    So if you are a Russian pilot it would make sense to have a DC-3 or Catalina module in DCS...:cry:

  5. Any plans for a MIG-21 profile?


    Maybe it has been discussed before, but do you accept any donations (PayPal)? We are a lot of people appreciating your efforts and more than me are probably willing to give you a donation or a small fee.

  6. With all this speculation I just can’t help myself getting carried away dreaming of a Baltic sea cold war scenario (map) in an AJ37 Viggen loaded with those huge anti-ship missiles. Flying at a surface skimming level (something Swedish pilots practiced a lot during the period) attacking vessels just east of the island Gotland. Returning to a temporary road base at the main land (the aircraft is more or less designed for that purpose), reloading with rockets and go back for a second run attacking ground forces at the beach head. Perhaps taking down a Hind or two with the 30mm gun before turning back again at almost zero altitude hoping that your friends in the JA models keep the skies free from MIG’s… By the way, Viggen pilots managed to get confirmed missile lock on the passing by SR-71 Blackbirds


    If you need some more inspiration, here are two of many videos out there:



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