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  1. It will only be balanced with the 21 if the R3R gets fixed and no longer has a 100% pk :lol:
  2. True, however, empty weight is no pilot, no weapons/ammunition/external stores etc Not saying its massively over powered, just slightly looking at the take off roll, the aforementioned climb rate (he had enough fuel left for some supersonic runs afterwards)
  3. I think is has a little too much thrust modeled atm...look at the way it accelerates in the demo video from 90 knots and 75deg nose up.
  4. Why should we make it all sunshine and lollipops? Gun snake looks rubbish at the moment, but its no doubt a WIP.
  5. Make sure the helmet vent and aircon is switched on
  6. Interesting that it doesn't mention the AGM-65A. The USAF used them in 74ish during their trials in Vietnam.
  7. Yep...lets get an officer of the ADA to do a strip routine on base and on duty........
  8. Why? The BMS Mirage is an f16 with a different 3d model
  9. I posted this in another thread, but I'll post here too. Hasn't affected anything that I can tell.
  10. Ok after stuffing around for an hour I believe I have a fix....looks like ED is preparing for NTTR and changed their own init.lua under /(dcs open beta install folder/scripts/aircrafts/common/cockpit/kneeboard/device with references to if cacaurus us blah blah, if not use yada yada yada What I did was copy the init.lua from the above location and added it too: /mods/aircraft/mig21-bis/cockpit/kneeboard/device. I renamed the original init.lua file (always have a back up!!!!) And loaded the 1st mig21 campaign mission....and voila kneeboard map is back Programming guys may
  11. IIRC, that is the real behavior, the jet wash is angled down ever so slightly compared to the incidence of the aircraft.
  12. SO much this!!!@ With the ability to frag a mission from the f10 map to go with it
  13. Awesome News, It is by far the best A10C mission out there.
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