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  1. Ge Force Driver 466.11 latest vers DCS new update today hopefully will help with these crashes
  2. Over 20 crashes in the last 72 hours.. no mods here. This SIM is virtually unplayable
  3. Ha yea, 2000 pounders sure gonna be fuel taxing but still cant get mine to drop
  4. Hey good folks, seems after 2.7 update Road Bridges cannot be destroyed.. things are now made of Kryptonite. I put 3 x GBU38 into one & it just burned until extinguish, usually one bomb would do the trick. Tested Channel map & Syria Just used a 2000lb GBU-31 on this Bridge in image below & it burns but doesn't collapse. This issue needs looking at please
  5. Yea same here, thank you again man
  6. Hey thanks Oozler but this is my bad, doofus me completely forgot that I changed the mapping to F8 on account of my GeForce recording was set to Alt F9. It works perfectly & looks fantastic & can be viewed anytime from anywhere. Looking fwd to checking this out more in the future. Case closed
  7. Hey good people, apologies if this has been asked & answered before but I would really like to see the LSO in action on my ole Abe Black Pearl SC. Though when I hit Left Alt F9 nothing happens & I checked in controls & it is indeed mapped to that action but wondering how I get this view? Thinking it's only actionable when an AC is landing or.... ?
  8. Yea got it, great to hear Chappy again. Thanks all helpers, much appreciated
  9. Yea thanks Skywarp, looks like it's been pulled, I'm guess copyright stuff. Hey I just found a good one tho called Operation Pontus, got my first Case III in.. busted front gear but still lived lol
  10. Thanks Gierasimov for the tip mate, yea I found it in the manual.. page 117 if anyone's interested reading this post & yes Iron Eagle has been removed, I'm guessing copyright infringement perhaps, who knows
  11. Hey good Pilots, I have already got Iron Eagle campaign modified for F18 but having some issues in the first mission on startup specifically with Nav aligning as the timer counts down incredibly slow or doesn't show at all & I do set my Standby Bara Alt to the correct Airfield elevation. So, I wanted to go back to the user files Campaign to see in the comments if anyone else is experiencing this but I can't seem to locate the Campaign anywhere, all I could find was Iron Eagle 2. Anyone lend a hand with this one?
  12. I don't know what it is but there's just something awesome & exciting about buying a new Campaign here.. Rising Squall & Pontus! Whoo hoo! Lets rock!
  13. Yea I remember all that now, just got distracted testing with this new build & forgot about it. Wish I didn't post this now lol Thanks kindly man
  14. Thanks Tholozor, so the Undesignate button or letter S on kb function is no more yea? ahhh yea that's right, sorry yep, I've been setting up new Rig here & now recall that feature, thanks again cheers
  15. Left DDI is active & AGM-65 MAV has 3 min timed out & is ready for launch & infrared image is all good as is cross hairs. Then Undesignate button is pressed or letter S on your kb for MAV seeker to give ability to slew onto moving target & thus as normal cross hairs collapse around that target & then launch is initiated. I have checked all related mapping controls.. slew Axis is fine as is letter S on keyboard & I have tried in three different maps , three different missions & still I cannot get Undesignate feature to work for MAV F. Sorry if already posted as I did
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