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    X-Plane 10, Prepar3d, FSX SE, ArmA III, ELITE DANGEROUS, Spintires, SWTOR... Falcon 4 BMS And DCS... Falcon 4 BMS and DCS ALL DAY LONG
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    Mirage 2000 mechanic (in formation)
  1. ''how about a command to have Jester change / cycle through TWS priority numbers... hook and reprioritize, basically'' I agree, we need this !
  2. Is there any possibility to have this as keybinds for pilot ? It's quite important in combat in my opinion
  3. CBenson89 ''something simple that you can forget to do that renders the radar useless?'' WCS left in STBY position ? :shifty:
  4. I can confirm the radar is completely screwed. Completely. Sorry to say this but it's really disapointing. I've made a bug report on the radar picking a target on the ground when pressing the Undesignate/NWS button, even if the contact was on my six. I just made another flight right now, with Mk-83s and Mavs, when trying to boresight my TGP, I pressed many buttons cause I don't master the Hornet, and my radar locked a contact 163°left, unable to break the lock. Even worse, the radar operation knob was on STBY...
  5. OK, thanks, it's what i thought. But the Undesignate/NWS locking a target and radar being able to keep track when the locked target is on my 6, how is this possible ?
  6. Hi guys, I think i found some problems. First : is the radar supposed to be emiting on the ground by just setting the RADAR knob on OPR ? I doubt about this, major risks for ground crew. I took a look into the manual provided by ED it says ''OPR. Commands RADAR to full operation if all safety interlocks have been satisfied and initial warm-up time is complete.''. So no clear information about the radar being active on the ground without any kind of ''test'' or ''maintenance'' mode/procedure. But the main default is here : after a combat sortie with -88C and -154, I landed
  7. Thanks for the new classic blue/red option ! Sincerly appreciate it ! thanks for your work !
  8. Hi, thanks for your work. There is a thing I don't really like with this mission, it's the fact that blue aircrafts like -18, -14B, 2000C etc, are spawning as red. Is there a way for us to change this and stick with only MiGs/Sukhois as REDFOR ? Thanks
  9. I play both single player and multiplayer (PVE mostly though), and I play Pilot and RIO in the F-14, I also think jester is doing quite good ! My recommendation is F-14, the F-18, let it mature a little bit more
  10. So, you're assuming that flight physics are not correct since you can do a stunt in the sim, this very stunt which don't even came through the Mi-8 Engineer's mind ? I think it's best to completely stop flight sim in this case, because flight physics will never be 100% true. Never. As I see things : -Is the flight model correct for most of the normal flight envelope of the aircraft AND is coherent with what the flight manual says ? Yes > Fine, No> Ask the devs for corrections. -Is the aircraft handling correct in completely absurd aerobatics manoeuvers for which it was ne
  11. Had it 2 days ago, it was during a carrier take off
  12. Hi guys, just coming back to the Mi-8 after many years not flying it (3 years maybe). And I'm really enjoying it. I would pay 10-15 bucks too for an extension pack, something like multi crew, graphic overhaul, and a new variant as suggested. I compltely disagree with the EA policy with F-16 and F/A-18 (empty shell at full price), I would agree to pay a little to maintain older very good modules like the Hog or the Hip up to date
  13. Any news about this please ? Came back to the Mi-8 after 3-4 years not flying it, I really enjoy it right now ! Nice work to the team by the way. But as other mentionned, it seems pretty weak indeed
  14. Thank you very much for your work ! It's very interesting indeed !
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